Looking at movies Chapter 10


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Literally, "writing with light"; technically, the recording of static images through a chemical interaction caused by light rays striking a sensitized surface.
camera obscura
Literally, "dark chamber." A box (or a room in which a viewer stands); light entering (originally through a tiny hole, later through a lens) on one side of the box (or room) projects an image from the outside onto the opposite side or wall.
A negative photographic image on transparent material that makes possible the reproduction of the image
Series Photography
The use of a series of still photographs to record the phases of an action, although the actions within the images do not move.
revolver photographique
Also known as chronophotographic gun. A cylinder-shaped camera that creates exposures automatically, at short intervals, on different segments of a revolving plate.
Magic Lantern
an early movie projector
An early device for exhibiting moving pictures—a revolving disk with photographs arranged around the center.
fusil photographique
A form of the chronophotographic gun- a single, portable camera capable of taking twelve continuous images
first motion picture camera
A peephole viewer, an early motion-picture device