Philosophers who influenced the writing of the U.S. Constitution

Plato (Greek)
believed that government should create good for all collectively and that all individuals needed to give up certain things for the good of all citizens.
Aristotle (Greek)
Ideal governments should be concerned with the common good or common interest
Machiavelli (Italian)
believed in "republicanism" and "civic virtue" where citizens act for the common good and they would put their selfish disires aside
Hobbes (English)
belived in "natural laws" where in nature before people formed by a society, preexisting principles arise. Believed in social contract.
Locke (English)
Believed that all men are created equal and that people should have the freedom to act. He believed in social contract between the people and their government and that there should be a limit to government. Also believed in Constitutionalism
Montesquieu (French)
believed in seperation of power and that there should be 3 branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial (checks and balances)
Rousseau (French)
Agreed with Locke but didn't think that the mojority would always act for the common good. Believed that the role of the government was to ensure that the common good or general welfare was protected.