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e- acceptor, coenzyme, traps high energy e- from glucose


removes 2H+ and 2e-, works on the substrarte, delivers to NAD+

Substrate Level Phosphorylation

enzyme adds phosphate group to molecule

Oxidative Phosphorylation

Produces ATP by adding a phosphate group to ADP, exergonic slide of e-


partial or complete loss of e-


partial or complete gain of e-


O2 and H2O (Oxidized or reduced?) in cellular respiration


C6H12O6 and CO2 (Oxidized or reduced?) in cellular respiration

6 Fructose

Forms.... when a P is added to the 6-carbon glucose

1,6 Fructose

Forms.... when two Ps are added to the 6-carbon glucose

Glyceraldehyde 3 Phosphate (G3P)

Three carbon molecule with one phosphate group

GAP-D Gene

the gene were cloning, removes the 2 H from G3P, and delivers the electrons and hydrogens to NAD+


NAD+ with electrons and hydrogens

1,3 Glyceraldehyde Phosphate (1,3GP)

3 carbon molecule with 2 phosphate groups attached

3 Phosphoglycerate

3 carbon molecule with one of the 2 phosphate groups taken off


3-carbon molecule made out of glucose, product of glycolysis

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