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Vocabulary Horticulture Unit 3


group of organisms iwth distinguishing characeristics from other plants in a species; but does not transfer those characteristics to the offspring through sexual reproduction


plants that shed their leaves in the fall


plants with two cotyledons, flower parts usually in multiples of four or five, true secondary growth, vascular bundles arranged in a ring in the stem


a plant that keeps its leaves year round


closely related organisms of one or more species that are grouped together

Herbaceous plant

non-woody plant that dies back to the ground each year


plants with one cotyledon, flower parts usually in multiples of three, leaf venation parallel, no secondary growth, vascular bundles scattered in stem


the branch of biology that deals with the forms of organisms


the naming of organisms


a group of organisms with characteristics that distinguish them from other groups in a genus


the branch of biology that deals with identifying and naming organisms


cultivated plants within a species that show a significant difference from other plants in the species

Woody plant

a plant that produces wood and has buds above the ground that survive winter

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