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put off
postpone, delay
carry on
continue doing sth
use up
finish, consume
set off
start a journey
heat up
make something hot; become hot
give off
emit pollution or something else unpleasant.
cut down
make a tree or other plant fall to the ground by cutting it near the bottom
close down
stop operating
run out of
have no more of (something)
die out
disappear completely; become extinct
look after
take care of
wake up
stop sleeping, stop being indifferent
come up with
think of; produce an idea / a suggestion etc.
rely on
depend on
give up
stop (doing something)
She ... her little brother while their parents are away.
looks after
Sorry, I've ... all the sugar.
used up
I'm afraid I can't ... like this any more.
carry on
Scientists say the earth is ...
heating up
Sumatran tigers might ... if we don't protect them.
die out
I've ... a solution!
come up with
Take plenty of water on the trail not to ...
run out
We need to ... our intuition in this matter.
rely on
They ... the factory last year.
closed down
If you ... smoking, you'll be healthier.
give up
I'm afraid we have to ... the meeting. I'm busy.
put off
It's time to .... Let's go.
set off

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