Glycocalyx and flagella

What are the possible structures external to the cell wall?
Pili, glycocalyx, flagella, axial filaments, fimbriae
Substance that prokaryotes secrete on their surface. Sugar coat that surrounds the cells.
What is glycocalyx composed of?
polysaccharides,polypeptide, or both
Where is it glycocalyx made?
It is made inside the cell and secreted to the cell surface
What is a capsule?
when glycocalyx is organized an firmly attached to the cell wall.
How can the presence of a capsule be determined?
By negative staining
How is the capsule important?
Contributes to bacterial virulence
What is a slime layer?
if the substance is unorganized and loosely attached to the cell wall
What is bacterial virulence?
the degree to which a pathogen can cause diseases