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  1. PL 93-112
  2. Education for Handicapped Children Act
  3. PL 88-29
  4. PL 93-516
  5. Rehabilitation Act Amendment
  1. a Nationwide Outdoor Recreation Plan -1963
    concerns for handicapped listed as a priority area
  2. b 1974
  3. c Rehabilitation Act (1973. A comprehensive revision of the 1963 Vocational Rehab. Act, which included an emphasis on the "total" rehab. of the individual)
  4. d Rehabilitation Act Amendment (1974 Authorized the planning and implementation of the White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals which was conceived in 1977. Recreation was cited as one of sixteen areas of concern.)
  5. e 1967

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  1. 1963 (Directed the formulation and maintenance of a comprehensive nationwide outdoor recreation plan. Completed in 1973, emphasized compliance with PL 90-480.)
  2. Developmental Disabilities Services and Facilities Construction Act (1971. Developmentally disabled persons are specifically defined and recreation is listed as a specific service to be included as a fundable service.)
  3. Education for Handicapped Children Act (1967. Established the Unit of PE and recreation for handicapped children within the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped.)
  4. 1973
  5. Education of All Handicapped Children Act (1975. Requires a free and appropriate education for all handicapped children. PE is listed as a direct service and recreation as a related service.)

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  1. Education of the Handicapped Act Amendment1986


  2. PL 90-480Architectural Barriers Act (1968. Any building or facility, constructed in whole or part by federal funds, must be accessible to and usable by the physically handicapped)


  3. The Americans with Disabilities Act1936 (A compilation of law... related specifically to the elderly and disabled including provisions for PE and recreation.)


  4. Vocational Rehabilitation Act1973


  5. Architectural Barriers Act1968