10 terms

Theater 1009

What are some alternatives to the playwright?
• Setting the tone
• The agenda
• The approach to be followed by the director
• Actors
• Designers
What questions must the creator or playwright ask and answer?
• The subject to be dramatized
• Who and what to focus on
What is the subject and verb of drama?
• The subject of theater is always people's
o Hopes
o Joys
o Foibles
o Fears
• The verb is: some form of action that defines them
What are the structural conventions placed upon a playwright?
• Limited Space
• Limited Time
• Strongly opposed forces
o Antagonist
o Protagonist
• A Balance of Forces
• Incentive and motivation
What are the essentials of dramatic structure?
• Plot, which is the arrangement of events or the selection and order of scenes in a play; plot in turn is based on a story; the scenes that are put together to make the story.
What are the differences between plot and story?
• A story is a full account of an event, or series of events, usually told in chronological order; a plot is a selection and arrangement of scenes taken from a story for presentation on stage
What are important hallmarks in creating a strong dramatic structure?
• The opening scene
• Obstacles and Complications
• Crisis and Climax
• Point of View
o The Dramatists
o Society's
What is the definition of Point of View?
• Point of View begins when a dramatist, a director, or a performance artist takes a strong personal view of a subject, deciding that it is grave, heroic, or humorous.
• Point of view in drama can be adopted in drama consciously and deliberately.
What is the purpose of establishing a strong Point of View?
• It provides a key to understanding the entire experience; tells us how to interpret the words and actions of the characters we see onstage.
What is the categorization of plays called and how functional is that categorization in the realm of theatre?
• Genres
• Preoccupation with establishing categories diverts our attention from the main purpose of theater: to experience the play in performance.