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factors in the outbreak of war in europe in 1914
fear of rise of german power, unstable political situation in balkans, the division of europe into two rival alliances (all of above)
what policy did president wilson originally adopt when war broke out in europe in 1914?
he issued a proclamation of neutrality
john j pershing headed the?
american expeditionary force
a major mistake by wilson in reference to peace actions was the exclusion of?
republicans from the peace procedures
in the election of 1920
voters seemed to reject wilsons idealism
the german u boats
disobeyed the traditional rules of naval warfare
the sinking of lusitania
aroused anti-german sentiments in the us
the zimmerman telegram
proposed a german mexican alliance against the unitedstates.`
all the following helped cause ww1 except militarism, nationalism, imperialism, socialism
the war industries board in world war 1
regulated production
world war 1 broke out in europe because
european nations made a power play in southeast europe
in 1915 willim j bryan
supported the u.s withdrawal from european trade to avoid war.
`whiich of the followin favored an early u.s entry into world war 1?
thedore roosevelt
charles evans hughes
ran for president against woodrow wilson in 1916
the communist revolution of 1917 in russia
was headed by v. lennin
the only woman in the congress in 1917 was
jeanette rankin
before world war11 people called world war 1
great war
which national holiday came out of world war 1?
veterans day
the leader of the u.s socialist party during world war 1 was
eguene debs
americas greatest adversary in world war 1 was
under teh clear and present danger clause the supreme court ruled
that civil rights are not obsolute
the american flying ace who later helped the army develop adn air corps was
eddie eickenbacker
the first jew to sit on the united states supreme court was
louis brandeis
the doughboys were
american boys in worldwar1
american largest industry in teh 1920s was
the liberal new york governor defeated by hoover 1928
al smith
when calvin coolidge said the business of america is business he meant
government should leave business alone
the teapot dome scandal concerned
the bribery of a cabinet officer
the greatest scandal of the harding administration was
teapot dome
for most people the 1920s was a time of
all the following were government policies during the 1920s except
tight corporate regulation
andrew mellon the secretary of the treasury during the 1920s practiced the trickle down theory of economics by
securing lower taxes on the rich
the progressive leader of the 1920s was
robert la follette
during the harding administratin a majjor scandal emerged in the
veterans affairs bureau
what famous case represented the nativism of the 1920s?
the trial of sacco and vanzetti
which of the following was not responsible for the loosening of sexual attitudes in the 1920s? the automobile, william bryan, books by freud, and margret sanger?
wiliam bryan
the princple architect of president coolidge economic policy was
andrew melon
the federal goverbnments tax policies in teh 1920s aimed at doing all the following except
encouraging savings
the presidental candidate who used the slogan a return to normalcy was?
warren harding
president wilson attorney general who contributed to the red scare in america in 1919 was
A. mitchell palmer
the airplane was first flown by
wilbur wright
the first talking motion picture was the 1927 classic
the jazz singer
the street in newyork that became famous for advertising agencies in the 1920s was
madison avenue
fredrick winslow taylor
wrote about scientific management and production
the woman who led the fight for the E.R.A legal egquality for women in the 1920s was
alice paul
a black leader in the 1920s who spoke about black pride and who advocated that africans americans consider returning to africa was
marcus garvey
one of the most famoust evangelists of the 1920s was
billy sunday
the first american to win the noble prize for literature was
sinclair lewis
the equal rights amendement first introduced iin congress in 1923 called for
no sex discrimination
prohibition reffered to
the banning of alcohol
the bonus march on washington in 1932 suggested that the
veterans wanted the government to aleviate their financial troubles
the dispersal of the bonus army from washington in 1932
damaged the reputation of the hoober adminstration
the bank that should have done more to ease some of the impact of the great depression was the
federal reserve bank
one of president hoovers response to stop the depression in america in 1910 was to
raise tarrif walls
black tuesday in october 1929 was the day
the stock market crash hits bottom
congress created the F.D.I.C in the 1930s to
protect bank deposits
in 1929 about what percentage of the U.S population owned about one-third of all the weath?
1 percent
Laissez-faire economic is
free trade capitalism
The unemployment rate reached a high in 1932 of
the hawley-smoot tariff
raised tariff walls
Congress creaed the Reconstruction Finance Corporation in 1932 to
infuse capital into failing business
The Tennessee Valley Authority became controversial because it
was the first time the federal government controlled a public utility peacetime
in comparison to herbert hoover, franklin D roosevelt proved
less rigid in his philosophy and actions
by terms of the agricultural adjustment act of 1933
farmers were paid to limit production
the new deal policy
raised farm prices
the share our wealth program came from
huey long
which of the following new deal program still exist Agricultural adjustment act, national industrial recvovery act, federal deposit insurance corporation and civilain conservative corps
federal deposit insurance corporation
John Steinbecks grapes of wrath
spoke about the hardship of midwesterners in california during 1930s
the socialist party leader of the 1930s was
norman thomas
the president who said he had a new deal for america was
franklin roosevelt
keynesian economic suggested
deflict spending could stimulate the economy
the president who used "fireside chats" to reach to reach the american people was
franklin roosevelt
elijah muhammad
became the leader of black muslims in the 1930s
the wagner act
aimed at facilitating better business/labor relations
a founder of the congress of industrial organization in 1935 was
John L. Lewis
The first female cabinet member was
francis perkins
the kellogg-briand pact
denounced war
a key factor in the U.S determination to remain neutral in 1939 was
world war 1
the good neighbor policy of the united states aimed at
improving relations with central and south american countries
the significance of the washington naval conference (1921) was that
the major powers agreed to reduce arnaments
unitedstates neutrality legislation in the mid-1930s aimed at
avoiding the factors that led the unitedstates into war previously
senator Gerald p. Nyle investigations (1934-37)
suggested that the weapon industry affected U.S entry into ww1
one can best describe u.s policy toward european and asian militarism in the 1930s as
the atlantic charter (1941) established a bond between
the U.S and England
U.S involvement in the world during the 1920s was assured by
the worldwide connections of u.s business, amnerican investements abroad, u.s teritorial posessions abroad (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
the japanese attack on pearl harbor
missed vital repair facilities
the single greatest factor in teh rise of dictators and militarism in the 1930s was probably
the great depression
which of the following caused president franklin roosevelt to temper his view regarding the axis powers of WW2
the u.s replaced the cash and carry policy in 1941 with
lend and lease
the munich pact
allowed hitler to keep parts of czechoslovakia that he had seized in 1938
the soviet leader of 1930s was
josef stalin
americas worst naval defeat occured at
pearl harbor
The stimson doctorine
morally condemned japanese aggression in china during the 1930s
the country that japan invaded in 1931 was
the military dictator who intiated the spanish civil war in 1936 was
francisco franco
the ludlow amendment of 1938 was
preventing the united states from entering a war
the nationalist chinese leader of the 1930s who fought the japanese invasion of his country was
jiang jieshi
the americans who voluntered to fight in the spanish civil war against facism formed a group a group called the
lincold brigage
The british prime minister during ww2 was
winston churchil
in 1940
germany captured france
The Manhattan project
was proposed by albert einstein and other scientists in 1939
which of the following was not allied in world war 2? U.S and japan, U.S and France, Germany and Japan, Italy and Germany?
U.S and Japan
Which of the following commanded U.S forces in Asia in ww2?
Douglas MacArthur
in the world war 2 the u,s and its allies defeated
germany italy and japan
which of teh followung did not beling to the big three during ww2?
charles de gaulle.
The u.s military strategy once it entered ww2 was to
defeat germany first and then concenterate on japan
the impact of world war 2 on the economy was to
increase government role in the economy
from the star of ww2 the allies agreed to
invade europe through north africa
The battle of leyte gulf was
the biggest naval battle in history
the japans offense in the north pacific was smashed by the
battle of midway
the commander of allied force during operation overload was?
dwight eisenhower
Ho chi minh was?
the leader of the north vietnamese after ww2
the commander of the u.s troops in korea was
douglas macarthur
U.S intervention in greece in 1947 was a result of
the truman doctorine
the marshal plan provided for the
massive economic assistance for europe
established a military alliance between the u.s and western europe
in response to soviet moves in eastern europe, president truman
called for more u.s economic and military support to western europe
the leader of the chinese communists after ww2 was
mao zadong
the anti-communist chinese fled in 1949 adn established a government in
the european nation that had colonized indo-china in the 1850s was
the mcCarthy redscare occured around
to most republicans harry truman seemed politically
to the left
the southern democrats who broke away from the party in 1948 called themselves
in the election of 1948 the leader of the southern democrates was
strom thurmond
in 1952 the republican candidate for president was
diwight eisenhower
under truman the new deal was
continued in most respect
all teh following factors led to senator joseph mcCarthys hunt for communism except for
dwight eisenhowers victory in 1952
the taft hartket act was
opposed by unions
harry trumans social and economic reforms became known as the
fair deal
the long time leader of the united mine workers 1920-60s was
john l. lewis
the taft-hartley act (1947)
banned closed shops
the armed forces of the united states finally integrated under president
the infamous congressional committee created in 1938 to investigate subversion was the
house un-american activites committee
in 1948 alger hiss served as
assistant secretary of the state department
the smith act (1940)
allowed government to arrest suspected subversives.