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CJE1300 Police Organization & Administration, Ch 7

CJE1300 - Chapter 7: Career Concerns; Resource: Policing Today by Frank Schmalleger, 2010
What is distress?
A harmful form of stress that can threaten an individual's functioning or overload his or her capacity to cope with environment stimuli
Which of the following is NOT a recognized category in which stress symptoms may appear?
What happens when an employee's characteristics do not match the job's requirements?
High stress level
Which of the following is NOT a stage through which the symptoms of burnout manifest themselves?
Restless/disappointment stage
According to the text, which of the following is NOT considered a critical incident?
Divorce proceedings
According to the text, which disorder is associated with the occurrence of critical incidents?
Post-traumatic stress disorder
In police officers' career stages, which stage is described as "police officers tend to be relatively secure in their jobs?"
Introspection stage
What factors contribute to officers' fatigue?
all of the above;
-Extra jobs
-Critical incidents
-Overtime doing paperwork.
What effect does the predictability of the officer's schedule have on his/her fatigue level?
Unpredictability results in less fatigue
What are Vila and Kenney's four recommendations for limiting fatigue?
Review scheduling procedures, assess officer's choice in scheduling, assess level of fatigue, review programs about fatigue
What is a union?
An organization that represents dues-paying workers for the purpose of negotiating with employers
What was the "Blue Flu?"
An incident where members of a police department called out sick as a form of protest
What city is best known for its police department's contribution to the Police Labor Movement?
90% of all police contracts contain which of the following stipulations?
Information about disciplinary appeals procedures
Which element of a successful performance measurement protocol is most critical?
The system must contain an appeal mechanism for employees who disagree with their ratings
Which of the following factors influence advancement through the typical police department?
Both A and B;
a) Performance
b) Education
According to the text, research that shows effects between higher education for police officers and job performance also claims which of the following statements to be true?
The research is inconclusive or suggests that higher education for police officers makes virtually no difference in terms of job performance
Promotions usually involve which of the following?
all of the above;
-Performance appraisals
What are the four ranks of leadership among police?
Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Chief
What path of ascension is described as "one who has had experience in military or federal law enforcement before becoming chief?"
Ultimate Outsider A