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World religions test 3

On the day of qingming, Chinese do which one of the following

Visit the graves of ancestors

In ancient Chinese religion, yin represents


In ancient Chinese religion, yang represents


As a replacement for shangdi, Tian first appeared in the

Zhou dynasty

Tianzi was the traditional title of the Chinese ruler, literally meaning

a. Son of Heaven

Ru in Chinese refers to the


The Confucian scholar who maintained that human nature is good is


Confucianism was first designated as a state orthodoxy in the

Han dynasty

For Confucius, the source of the moral imperative was


For Confucius, the "kernel of humanity," the thing that makes human beings human, is known as


The Confucian cardinal virtue is filial piety, a child's respect and care for the parents and ancestors, known in Chinese as


Junzi is the personality ideal of


Taishang Laojun is the deity whose original human identity is


Daoism became an organized religious movement in the

Han dynasty

In traditional China, the "three religions" referred to

a. Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism

The Scripture of the Way and Its Potent Manifestation was supposed to have been written by


"Sitting and Forgetting" (zuowang) is characteristic of the teaching of


The Daoist attainment of immortality is best expressed by the image of


The Daoist practice of waidan refers to

External alchemy

The Daoist practice of neidan refers to

Internal alchemy

The Daoist ritual of communal offering and cosmic renewal is called


All of the following are Daoist deities

Jade emperor, Earth god, Taishang Laojun

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