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World religions test 3

A matsuri is a

shinto festival

Shinto literally means

the way of the gods

The Shinto text Kojiki is all of the following

Was compiled in 712 C.E., Contains a creation myth ,Is the oldest mythic-historical chronicle in Japan

In the Japanese creation myth, Izanagi is

the husband of Izanami

In the Japanese creation myth, Amaterasu is

the Sister of Susa-no-o

According to Shinto myth, the Japanese imperial family is traceable back to

The Sun Goddess

The divinity of the Japanese emperor was advanced by

Kokugaku (National Learning) and State Shinto

The Shrine at Ise is dedicated to


The female attendants at Shinto shrines are known as


Misogi is the ritual of purification by


In Shinto belief, the most serious pollutants are

blood and death

Jinja, the Shinto shrine, literally means

Dwelling place of the kami

The Inner Shrine at Ise is rebuilt on an adjacent lot every

20 years

The "Seventeen Articles Constitution" was promulgated by

Prince Shotoku

The Shugendo movement best represents the merging of

Shinto and Buddhism

State Shinto was actively promoted in the

Meiji reign

The number of groups officially recognized by Sect Shinto is


All of the following are "New Religions" founded by charismatic leaders since the 19th century

Tenrikyo, Konkokyo, Kurozumikyo

State Shinto officially ended with

The disavowal of his divinity by Emperor Hirohito

At a Shinto shrine, worship of the deity by the public takes place at the


Kamikaze (divine wind) signaled Japan's blessing by the gods during the

Mongol invasions in the thirteenth century

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