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Marco Polo

Merchant who found a trade route to Asia

Silk Road

network of trade routes that transport goods from Europe to Asia

What was transported on the Silk Road?

spices, cloth,silk, paper, dye, salt, jewels, gold, silver, weapons

How long did it take to cross the Silk Road?

About half a year

Books in 1200s-1300s

Books were very valuable. Only the rich could afford books. Books were hand-written and copied by hand. Only 5% of the population could read and write.

Feudal System

kings-ruled and owned everything
lords-managed and gave land
knights-protected land
serfs-worked and only had one right (protection)

Middle Ages



people who buy and sell goods


purposeful journeys


where kings and lords lived


where people went in times of danger or war


preserved foods

trade fairs

goods-all the newest stuff+only lasts for a few weeks


silk, cotton


math, astrology, Aristotle, geometry, architecture


paper money; coins were heavy and easy to steal; promise notes


controlled gold and salt


city of Songhai located between the salt and gold mines

line graph

relates to different things

pie graph

relates to one thing

Money changers

business that started in the middle ages


merchant/artisan- artisans to escape awful lives


traveled to and from the east to trade fairs

Sunni Ali

Emperor of Songhai


preserved meat and vegetables. very valuable. sometimes used as money


the science of determining a ship's sailing direction and location


70 feet long. Easily steered. can carry large amounts of cargo. Had 3 masts. Had tall poles to hang masts. Could raise, slant, lower sails to sail with the wind. Had a rudder. Built wider and bigger than most ships

Prince Henry

(1394-1460) Prince of Portugal who established a school for sailers

Bartolomeu Dias

(1450-1500) Portuguese ship captain who reached the Cape of Good Hope

Vasco de Gama

(1460-1524) Portuguese navigator who was the first European to sail from Europe to Asia

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