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  1. Antiquated
  2. Anarchist
  3. Colloquial
  4. Peripheral
  5. Austere
  1. a Forbiddingly stern; severely simple and unornamented
  2. b Old-fashioned; obsolete
  3. c Outer; marginal
  4. d A person who seeks to overturn the established government; an advocate of abolishing authority
  5. e Pertaining to conversational or common speech

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  1. Irregularity
  2. Urge; plead for
  3. Frighten
  4. Mocking; characterized by ironic; sarcastic, caustic wit to attack or expose folly
  5. Support; reinforce

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  1. EphemeralShort-lived; fleeting


  2. ArtisanLiberal; wasteful


  3. ProdigalManually skilled worker; craftsman opposed to artist


  4. StolidDull; impassive


  5. TruncatePacify; conciliate