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  1. Mosaics
  2. Raze
  3. Ascendancy
  4. Induce
  5. Candor
  1. a Picture made of colorful small inlaid tiles; something that resembles a mosaic
  2. b Persuade; bring about
  3. c Destroy completely
  4. d Frankness; open honesty
  5. e Controlling influence; domination

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  1. lacking in spirit or energy
  2. Impertinence; insolence
  3. Composed of elements drawn from diverse sources
  4. Difficult to please; really careful
  5. Aggressive in verbal attack; disputatious

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  1. HamperObstruct; make more difficult


  2. InciteArouse to action


  3. ArdentIntense; passionate; zealous


  4. FacilitateWeaken; enfeeble


  5. HypocriticalAggressive in verbal attack; disputatious


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