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  1. Rhetorical
  2. Aloof
  3. Aesthetic
  4. Culpable
  5. Surfeit
  1. a Apart; reserved
  2. b Deserving blame
  3. c Pertaining to art or beauty
  4. d Pertaining to effective communication; insincere in language; characterized by overly elaborate, bombastic language
  5. e Satiate; stuff; indulge to excess in anything

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  1. Motionless; stale, dull
  2. Object made by human beings
  3. Meager; insufficient
  4. Unchangeable
  5. Conscientious; extremely thorough

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  1. CharlatanA quack; pretender to knowledge


  2. ProfusionOverabundance; lavish expenditure; excess


  3. CriterionObscurity; forgetfulness


  4. AvariceA person who seeks to overturn the established government; an advocate of abolishing authority


  5. RobustVigorous; strong