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A legislature consisting of two parts, or houses
enumrated powers
written powers of Congress.
Implied Powers of Congress
Powers not specifically written in the Constitution.
U.S. Congress
the national legislative body of the U.S., consisting of the Senate, or upper house, and the House of Representatives, or lower house
Elastic Clause
the part of the Constitution that permits Congress to make any laws "necessary and proper" to carrying out its powers
delegated powers
Powers specifically given to the federal government by the US Constitution, for example, the authority to print money.
coin money
print money
expressed powers
powers that congress has that are specifically listed in the constitution
To accuse government officials of misconduct in office
United States Senate
Composed of 100 members, 2 senators are elected from each state for 6-year terms
House of Representatives
Part of Congress that depends on a state's population. Each member serves a 2 year term.
Necessary and Proper Clause
constitutional authorization for Congress to make any law required to carry out its powers
Commerce Clause
The section of the Constitution in which Congress is given the power to regulate trade among the states and with foreign countries.
to approve
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Leader of the House of Representatives
to approve
one of seven main divisions of the body of the Constitution
Legislative Powers of Congress
lawmaking powers of Congress.
Nonlegislative Powers of Congress
Powers that do not have to do with creating laws
a proposed law
a group of people who meet together to discuss a topic