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Syntax of Noun


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normal use of the nominative. "THE SERPENT beguiled me"
nominative in direct address. "Help, O KING"
Predicate Nominative
nominative after a stative verb; the subject and the verb are equated. "for you were SOJOURNERS"
Nominative Absolute
nominative for emphasis--the word isolated from the sentence is connected to its function in the sentence by a resumptive pronoun. "YAHWEH--in the heavens is his throne"
subject: possessor
genitive is the possessor of the preceding thing. "the temple of YAHWEH" [YHWH's temple]
subject: authorship
genitive occurring after items that may be written, revealed, said, etc. "the word of YAHWEH"
subject: subjective genitive
genitive as the subject of the action of the construct; "the wisdom of SOLOMON"
subject: agent
genitive is the agent (a person) after the action (usually a passive participle). "despised of [by] PEOPLE"
subject: instrument
genitive is the impersonal cause of the action (after passives). "struck of [by] THE SWORD"
subject: cause of state
genitive is the cause of the state or condition of the noun in construct (rare). "sick of [because of] LOVE"
object: object of the preposition
very common use. "to JONAH"
object: objective genitive
genitive is the object of the action in the construct noun (some are similar to adverbial accusative). "the violence of [done to] your BROTHER"
object: indirect object
genitive equivalent to indirect object in English. "May he send YOUR help [help to you]"
object: possessed
genitive is the thing possessed by the construct word. "the lord of the COUNTRY"
object: purpose
genitive expresses the purpose of the term or action of the construct. "sheep of [destined for] SLAUGHTER"
object: result
genitive expresses the result or outcome of the word in the construct. "the chastisement of [resulting in] our PEACE"
object: action
genitive is the action and the preceding construct noun the object of its action. "the people of [are the object of] my WRATH"