20 terms

Jeroo Unit Test

high-level algorithm
includes the major part of a solution, but leaves the details until later
a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem.
stepwise refinement
process for developing a detailed algorithm by gradually adding detail to a high-level algorithm.
an action that an object can take or a task that it can perform in response to a request from an external source
instructions to perform a specific task in the program
sequential execution
statements are executed one after another in the order that they appear in the source code
is any expression that can be either true or false
repetition structure
allows a group of statements to be executed several times in succession
body of the loop
block of statements that can be executed repeatedly
Each time that the statements in the body are executed
while loop
This is a loop in which a process continues while some condition continues to be true.
if statement
Not a loop - tests condition for true or false, only executed once
is there a flower ahead of the Jeroo
is there no flower, net, water, or other Jeroo ahead
used when asking if there is not any water ahead of the Jeroo
Sensor method
allows the jeroo to check the island for a specific situation
used when asking if there is not a net to the left of the Jeroo
user defined methods
Methods written by the user which are not part of the language.
and - used in an if statement
something that is true or false