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vocab from the physics chapter about 2D motion


a measurement without direction

examples of scalars

50g, 100m/s, 45 lb, speed


A measurement that includes direction

examples of vectors

100m/s at 30° N, velocity


rate of change in velocity


rate of change in displacement

Polar Notation

53 m/s at 67° N

Unit Vector Notation



path the projectile follows



What component do the horizontal and vertical components of a projectile share?


what is a projectile?

Objects that are thrown into the air and subject to gravity

true or false: horizontal speed is affected by vertical acceleration


in projectiles fired at an angle,

since they don't affect each other, you can split horizontal and vertical
the parabola is symmetric
g= 9.8 m/s^2 on earth
vx is constant
vy at top of trajectory is o m/s^2

why do you get a parabola?

because x is unchanging and y is increasing

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