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  1. consuls
  2. ager publicus
  3. Pompey
  4. Servius Tullius
  5. Rhine River
  1. a public land - which was a source of controversy after the Punic Wars
  2. b boundary of Roman expansion north but was bridged and crossed by Caesar as a show of force to the Germans
  3. c The 6th king of Rome. He built a huge wall to defend Rome from rival city-states. He also reorganized the army but was killed by his own son who pushed him down the stairs in front of a chariot.
  4. d two leaders of the Republic one year and cannot be re-elected consecutively
  5. e Roman general and statesman who cleared the Med. of pirates, conquered the East, was a part of the First Triumvirate before fighting Caesar in the Civil War and fleeing to Egypt where he was murdered

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  1. a system of rewards given to conquered peoples which always required military aid for Rome and would eventually lead to citizenship
  2. Senate and People of Rome - motto of the Roman Republic
  3. Caesar's decisive victory over Pompey in Greece during the Civil War
  4. Sulla's published list in the Forum of outlawed "traitors" and anyone who harbored them
  5. the farmers, merchants, artisans, and traders who made up the bulk of the population

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  1. tribunean official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights and was given the power to veto the laws of the Senate


  2. "alea iacta est""Carthage must be destroyed" - Cato the Elder about the threat of Carthage


  3. Mariusa Roman general who was elected consul seven times- he is known for the big changes he made to the Roman army, making it easier for men to be Roman soldiers


  4. First TriumvirateKing of Pontus who was defeated by Sulla and then Pompey


  5. HannibalCarthaginian military commander who, in the Second Punic War, attempted a surprise attack on Rome, crossing the Alps with a large group of soldiers, horses, and elephants.