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  1. Sulla
  2. Pergamum
  3. Twelve Tables
  4. "et tu, Brute?"
  5. Cleopatra
  1. a Last Pharaoh of Egpyt who seduced Caesar and later Mark Antony
  2. b General, commander of war in Asia Minor, Plebians tried to transfer power to Marius, Sulla marches on Rome and later wins civil war killing the opposition
  3. c Even you, Brutus?
  4. d inscription of laws that were placed in the Forum that guaranteed personal rights of citizens
  5. e rich kingdom in Asia Minor that was given to Rome after its king died

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  1. road from Rome to Capua which crucified slaves of Sparactus' army were erected alongside
  2. month and day Caesar was assassinated
  3. "Carthage must be destroyed" - Cato the Elder about the threat of Carthage
  4. Richest man in Rome due to proscription and fire dept. General who defeated Spartacus. He later served in the First Triumvirate but was killed in Parthia.
  5. large landed estates

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  1. Rhine Riverboundary of Roman expansion north but was bridged and crossed by Caesar as a show of force to the Germans


  2. pyrrhic victorySulla's published list in the Forum of outlawed "traitors" and anyone who harbored them


  3. corvusa period count of the population for military and, tax, and voting purposes which was first taken out by Servius Tullius


  4. "Remember thou art mortal"Even you, Brutus?


  5. tribunean official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights and was given the power to veto the laws of the Senate