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  1. Pyrrhus
  2. Servius Tullius
  3. Twelve Tables
  4. triumph
  5. Rubicon River
  1. a ancient celebration that gave honor to a victorious general
  2. b The 6th king of Rome. He built a huge wall to defend Rome from rival city-states. He also reorganized the army but was killed by his own son who pushed him down the stairs in front of a chariot.
  3. c boundary of Roman Italy that Caesar crossed starting the Civil War
  4. d inscription of laws that were placed in the Forum that guaranteed personal rights of citizens
  5. e king of Epirus who came to the defense of Greek colonies in Italy, defeated the Romans in two battles in spite of staggering losses but ultimately was forced out of Italy

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  1. General, commander of war in Asia Minor, Plebians tried to transfer power to Marius, Sulla marches on Rome and later wins civil war killing the opposition
  2. words whispered by a slave in the ear of the triumphant general
  3. year that Caesar was assassinated
  4. Roman general who commanded the invasion of Carthage in the second Punic War and defeated Hannibal at Zama
  5. Roman general and statesman who cleared the Med. of pirates, conquered the East, was a part of the First Triumvirate before fighting Caesar in the Civil War and fleeing to Egypt where he was murdered

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  1. Alesiasiege of Gallic forces by Caesar that ultimately breaks the will of the Gallic resistance


  2. pyrrhic victorycostly victory


  3. 509 BCyear that the Roman Republic established


  4. SpartacusCaesar's decisive victory over Pompey in Greece during the Civil War


  5. Caesarioninfluential Roman senator and orator who uncovered the Cataline conspiracy but was utlimately killed by Mark Antony