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  1. Latin Right
  2. SPQR
  3. Gaius Gracchus
  4. census
  5. Cato the Younger
  1. a Tribune who tried to help the plebeians with food subsidies, employment projects, and citizenship but was ultimately killed by a mob
  2. b senator who wore all blackrather than the traaditional white with purple strip on the toga and who was most defiant of Caesar who commits suicide rather than submit to Ceasar
  3. c a system of rewards given to conquered peoples which always required military aid for Rome and would eventually lead to citizenship
  4. d a period count of the population for military and, tax, and voting purposes which was first taken out by Servius Tullius
  5. e Senate and People of Rome - motto of the Roman Republic

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  1. members of the landholding upper class
  2. year that the Roman Republic established
  3. Even you, Brutus?
  4. year that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus
  5. one of the leading assassins of Caesar

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  1. Mithridatesa model dictator for the Romans. He organized an army, led the Romans to victory, attended victory celebrations, and returned to his farmland all within 16 days.


  2. Cloaca MaximaLast Pharaoh of Egpyt who seduced Caesar and later Mark Antony


  3. plebeiansthe farmers, merchants, artisans, and traders who made up the bulk of the population


  4. dictatorinfluential Roman senator and orator who uncovered the Cataline conspiracy but was utlimately killed by Mark Antony


  5. Pergamumrich kingdom in Asia Minor that was given to Rome after its king died