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  1. Vercingetorix
  2. Social Wars
  3. "Carthago delenda est"
  4. Hannibal
  5. Servius Tullius
  1. a Gallic leader of a united Gaul against Ceasar who was defeated at Alesia and suffocated after Ceasar's triumph
  2. b The 6th king of Rome. He built a huge wall to defend Rome from rival city-states. He also reorganized the army but was killed by his own son who pushed him down the stairs in front of a chariot.
  3. c Carthaginian military commander who, in the Second Punic War, attempted a surprise attack on Rome, crossing the Alps with a large group of soldiers, horses, and elephants.
  4. d "Carthage must be destroyed" - Cato the Elder about the threat of Carthage
  5. e wars between Rome and her allies which Rome won but granted the allies their citizenship

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  1. a model dictator for the Romans. He organized an army, led the Romans to victory, attended victory celebrations, and returned to his farmland all within 16 days.
  2. public land - which was a source of controversy after the Punic Wars
  3. an official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights and was given the power to veto the laws of the Senate
  4. Conqueror of Gaul and defeated Caesar to become dictator of Rome before being assassinated by jealous senators
  5. Even you, Brutus?

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  1. "alea iacta est""Carthage must be destroyed" - Cato the Elder about the threat of Carthage


  2. Rhine Riverriver that Rome was founded upon


  3. "veni, vidi, vici""The die is cast" - Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon


  4. SullaGeneral, commander of war in Asia Minor, Plebians tried to transfer power to Marius, Sulla marches on Rome and later wins civil war killing the opposition


  5. "Remember thou art mortal"words whispered by a slave in the ear of the triumphant general


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