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Cleaning procedures

The steps taken to ensure sanitation in the kitchen

Dried Beans

Legumes or beans that are dehydrated and must be sorted, soaked, drained, re-covered with water, boiled, and simmered to prepare for eating


Forks, knives, and spoons used for eating. Also called silverware and eating utensils


Refers to white sugar that has the texture of loose sand

High Quality

Characteristics of products that meet or exceed minimum requirements for a given product

Kitchen Centers

Areas in the kitchen where particular activity occurs, such as the cooking and serving center, cleaning center, food storage, and preparation centers


Various cloths used in preparing foods, cleaning, and eating (dish towels, rags, napkins)


The edge of a knife that has scalloped edges - like a bread knife


The part of a knife that is inserted into the handle and in a high-quality knife uses rivets to hold it in place

Waxed paper

A food preparation wrap with a waxy coating to prevent sticking. It is used for many things including wrapping food as a clean place to rest food between food preparation steps

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