Ch. 11 Listening

Oy comamos y bebamos
Juan del Encina; homophonic texture, use of hemiola effect; Womans voice, strumed inst, recorder
Il Bianco e dolce cigno
Jacques Arcadelt; Very homophonic, Text expression; 4 voices, occasional imitative entrances
Da le belle contrade d'oriente
Cipriano de Rore; Text depiction, stressed syllables have longer rhythm; Ascending scales (as much as 12th in bassus), chromaticism and rests, low bass
Solo e pensoso
Luca Marenzio; Very chromoatic, musical imagery; chromatic soprano line in opening, very high soprano part, a lot of runs
"Io parto" e non piu dissi
Carlo Gesualdo; Text expression, Chromaticism; Frequents rests, contrast between dissonant and consonant, homophonic and imitative, slow and quick passages
Tant que vivray
Claudin de Sermisy; AAB, homophonic; Lute accomp., syllabic, B section quicker
La nuict froide et sombre
Orlande de Lassus; Text depiction, long point of imitation; Two sections: night (1st) and morning (2nd), 4 voice choir
My bonny lass she smileth
Thomas Morley; AABB form, homophonic; "Fa-la-la"
As Vesta was
Thomas Weelkes; Word painting, Homophonic and imitative; A LOT of point of imitation, "First two by two, then three by three", "Long live fair Oriana"
Flow, my tears
John Dowland; A pavane, more contrapuntal than previous pavanes; Lute and voice