Chapter 24 Introduction to Outdoor Emergency Care - Vocabulary


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the protrusion of organs through an open abdominal wound
Femoral neck
the portion of the femur that joins the femoral shaft to the ball of the femur.
Kehl's sign
pain in an uninjured shoulder caused by an accumulation of blood beneath the diaphragm, a painful right shoulder indicates a lacerated liver, whereas a painful left shoulder indicates a lacerated spleen
Pelvic binder
device that is either purchased commercially or made from a folded sheet which is used to compress the pelvis and control bleeding in a traumatic injury
Straddle injury
an injury to the internal organs between the genitals and the anus that results when a patient forcefully straddles a fixed object.
Symphysis pubis
the site on the antier pelvis at which the two pubic bones are fused together.