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Chapter 13: The Rise of Mass Democracy

Corrupt Bargain of 1824
alleged deal between presidential candidates John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay to throw the election, to be decided by the House of Representatives, in Adam's favor. Though never proven, the accusation became the rallying cry for supporters of Andrew Jackson, who had actually garnered a plurality of the popular vote in 1824.
John Quincy Adams
one of the four canidates in the 1824 presidential election.
he was from Massechusetts; he was involved in the Corrupted Bargin
Henry Clay
one of the four canidates in the 1824 presidential election.
from kentucky
aka "Harry of the West" also partook in the Corrupt Bargin. highly disliked Andrew Jackson
William Crawford
one of the four canidates in the 1824 presidential election. during election he felled by a paralytic stroke and was out of the running
from georgia.
Andrew Jackson
one of the four canidates in the 1824 presidential election. from tennessee
known as the greatest american military hero by his supporters
Samuel Swartwout
was awared the lucrative post of collector of the customs of the port of New York. after a year, he gave about a million dollars to england. he was the first to steal a miliion from the Washington government
Tariff of1828 (of Abominations)
Noteworthy for its unprecedentedly high duties on imports. Southerners vehemently opposed the Tariff, aruguing that it hurt Southern farmers, whodid not enjoy the protection of tariffs, but were forced to pay higher prices for manufactures
Denmark Vesey / Stono Rebellion
he was a free black slave that led the rebellion in Charleston , NC in 1822 to stop slavery completely.
John C. Calhoun
unionist from South Carolina. was the canidate for vice president for both Adams and Jackson
Tariff of 1832
congress' tariff to be protective and fell short of meeting southern demands
Tariff of 1833
AKA: the compromise tariff
it was passed as a measure to resolve the nullification crisis, it provided that tariffs be lowered gradually, over a period of ten years, to 1816 levels
The Force Bill
passed by Congress alongside the Compromise tariff, it authorized the presidentto use the military to collect federal tariff duties
Society for Propagating the Gospel Among Indians
founded in 1787
Congress appropriated $20,000 for the promotion of literacy and agriculture and vocational instruction among the Indians
Five Civilized Tribes
these tribes were numbered by the whites. included the Cherokee, Creeks, Choctaws, Chickasaws, and Seminoles
Cherokee Nation v. the State of Georgia
Georgia Legislature declared the Cherokee tribal council illegal and asserted its own jurisdiction over Indian affairs and lands.Cherokee appealed and took it to Supreme Court, who supported the Indians three times.Eventually the Indians were moved to the West
Indian Removal Act of 1830
odered the removal of Inidan tribes still residing east of the Mississippi to newly established Indian territory west of Arkansaw and missouri. Tribes resisting eviction were forcibly removed by American forces, often after prolonged legal of military battles
Bureau of Indian Affairs
est. 1836
the administer the relations with America's original inhabitants, but this didnt stop the Americans to stop forcing the Indians to move to the West
Trail of Tears
forced march of the Indians from their Geogia and alabama homes to Indian territory. 4000 cherokee died on the journey
Seminole War
seminole indians and runaway slaves and retreated to the Everglades to fight a guerrilla was that killed 15,000 US soliders.
Nicholas Biddle
"czar Nicholas I"
president investor who held a lot of unconstitutional power over the nation's financial affairs
Bank War of 1832
battle between president jackson and Congressional supporters of the Bank of America over the bank's renewal in 1832. Jackson vetoed the Bank bill, arguing that the bank favored moneyed interests at the expense of western farmers
Anti-Masonic Party
first founded in New York, it gained considerable influence in New England and the mid atlantic during the 1832 election, campaigning against the politically influential Masonic orders, a secret society. the members of this party opposed Jackson, a mason, and drew much of their support from evangelical protestants
Biddle's Panic
Biddle called in his bank's loans, evidently hoping to illustrate the bank's importance by producing a minor financial crisis. A number of wobblier banks were driven to the wall with this, but Jackson's veto of the recharter of the Bank of the U.S. remained firm.
Specie Circular
US Treasury decree requiring that all public lands be purchased with "hard," or metallic, currency. Issued after small state banks flooded the market with unreliable paper currency, fueling land speculation in the West.
party that collectivly hated Jackson, they supported active government programs and reforms
Martin Van Buren
new yorkan vice president for jackson in the 1836 election
created the divorce bill
Divorce Bill
the principel of divorcing the government form banking altogether. the independent tresury would allow the gevernment to lock its surplus money in vults in several of the large cities.
Independent Treasury Bill of 1840
congress passed this bill after the establishment of Van Buren's divorce bill.
Stephen Austin
granted land from Mexico on condition of no slaves, convert to Roman Catholic, and learn Spanish
Sam Houston
ex govenor of Tennessee who fought to gain independence for Texas from Mexico and to make it a part of the United States
Santa Anna
head of six thousand men and captured texans at the alamo, and wiped them out.
The Alamo
Fortress in texas where four hundred American volunteers were slain by Santa Anna in 1836. "remeber the Alamo" became a battle cry for texan independence
Texas outpost where American volunteers, havinglaid down their arms and surrendered, were massecred by Mexican forces in 1836. this happened along with the alamo, feuled American support for texan independence
William Henry Harrison
whig's canidate for office as thier representative.
from Ohio
John Tyler
Harrison's vice president, soon later became president