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  1. liege
  2. jocund
  3. imperial
  4. infirmity
  5. palpable
  1. a of, relating to, befitting, or suggestive of an empire or an emperor
  2. b the condition of being feeble
  3. c marked by or suggestive of high spirits and lively mirthfulness
  4. d having the right to feudal allegiance or service
  5. e easily perceptible by the mind

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  1. not dissoluble; especially : incapable of being annulled, undone, or broken
  2. fearless, undaunted
  3. Excessively ready to believe especially on slight or uncertain evidence <accused of swindling
  4. a disturbance of motion, course, arrangement, or state of equilibrium
  5. an indeterminate number; various

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  1. harbingershaving the right to feudal allegiance or service


  2. malevolenceeasily perceptible by the mind


  3. treasonsthe betrayal of a trust


  4. pernicioushighly injurious or destructive; wicked


  5. clamorousmarked by confused din or outcry