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  1. What does the expression, "Policing by the letter of the law" mean?
  2. How does an officer's beat affect his policing behavior and decision making?
  3. What was a central finding of Manning's research?
  4. According to the text, why are young people more likely to be arrested than elderly people?
  5. Which perspective determines that officers are psychologically similar?
  1. a Police behavior is dictated by their position in the impossible situation of ensuring public order and protecting individual rights
  2. b Young people tend to disrespect police more, which leads to a reciprocal behavior by police arrest
  3. c Officers with smaller beats typically have a more service-style approach
  4. d Particularity perspective
  5. e Police officers strictly interpret and enforce the law according to the exact statements of the law

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  1. Neither A nor B are correct
  2. The watchman style
  3. Muir
  4. To direct and control employee behavior
  5. Role orientations

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  1. Which of the following statements is correct?The sense of obligation and protectiveness that develops in officers' routine patrol areas


  2. Which influential scholar found that respect and socialization were essential elements in police behavior?Westley


  3. What is one of the advantages associated with the use of discretion in law enforcement?Ladylike behavior


  4. What are some characteristics of officers that support the argument for predisposition?Ladylike behavior


  5. What is the definition of a symbolic assailant?A person whom a police officer thinks is potentially dangerous, such as someone who seems suspicious


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