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the information revolution


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focuses on a companies workflow and processes to make them more cost effective. The purpose is to allow companies to compete on a large scale.
information technology and service
The North American market shifted from a manufacturing base to one of
interactive dialogue
advertising evolved from mass communications to what?
user generated content
created a rise in what during this time?
push media
is when a company tries to "push" their message or their product on the consumer hoping they will take action
pull media
s when a company tries to entice (pull) a consumer to want their product or service by listening to consumer feedback and trying to meet their demands.
digital media
what provided consumers and opportunity to produce and share content created by them or others who were not necessarily experts.
the audience is what and decided to pull in specific content
behavioral targeting
refers to a method of tracking frequent and popular searches made by a browser using sophisticated Internet technology. deliver more relevant advertisements and links to a browser based off of what a computer perceives to be their interests and priorities.
addressable advertising
is the communication of a message or media content to a specific device or customer based on their address. may be obtained by searching viewer profiles to determine if the advertising message is appropriate for the recipient. (hulu plus)
90s focuses more on what?
sandwich generation
boomers were often considered what? meaning boomers had kids in college and aging parents to look after
integrated marketing communications
The use of numerous promotional techniques that have a unified message is known as
what type of advertising began to be used more heavily
more than any other new technology disrupted the industry's status quo.
digital internet
marketers are moving away from TV to what?
ad skipping
rise of what function embedded in emerging technologies as it threatened both the revenue and viability of TV broadcasters
digital revolution
what has caused significant change in consumer behavior
this much of your business can be accounted for by this much of your customers
psychographic segmentation
To define target market 2. To create a new view of market 3. To position the product 4. To better communicate product attributes 5. To develop overall strategy 6. To market social and political issues
reverse sexism
A new generation of ads emerged that tapped into the "I don't need a man" attitude by portraying men in same negative ways women.
1/2 the discretionary income and majority of personal assets
what percent of ads show people over 40
what percent of commercials show mature adults
ageist stereotypes
some marketers have insulted the market with what?
perceived age
With the older market there is a difference between their actual age and their perceived age (-10-15years)- marketers need to pitch to the what?
While segment-based advertising is not new, targeting what is more recent.
are boomers who feel half their age and want the world to know it.
they thrive on small bits of info on social networks
marketers were and still are desperate to try new ways to attract an audience.
psychographic research
uses AIOs (AIO= Activities, Interests, Opinions) to group consumers
metrosexual market
Marketers began to pay attention to the new