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Nutrition Module 10 Ch. 13

Of the following groups, which have the least risk of becoming ill from foodborne illnesses?
Common symptoms of foodborne illness include
fever, diarrhea, vomiting
Sugar acts as a food preservative by
reducing the amount of free water in food
Treating food with gamma radiation as a preservation method is called
food irradiation
Which of the following is true about food irradiation?
Irradiation can slow or limit the growth of insects, microorganisms, and parasites in food.
Food commonly associated with Staphylococcus aureus includes
meat, poultry, eggs
Food commonly associated with salmonella intoxication are
chicken and eggs
All of the following are reasons why the risk of having foodborne illness is increasing except
the increasing use of food irradiation
Aseptic processing involves
sterilizing the package and food separately and then packaging the food
All of the following are good instructions for preventing foodborne illness except
when shopping, select meat, poultry, or fish first.
James operates a food service establishment. He should make sure his employees practice all of the following rules to prevent foodborne illness except
serving meals with raw fish
The best way to prevent foodborne illness E. Coli is to
cook all meat thoroughly
The greatest health risk from food today is contamination via
viruses and bacteria
Covering cuts or sores on hands and avoiding sneezing when handling oof are important to prevent foodborne illness from
All of the following are true about ground meats except
With proper hand-washing, it is safe to eat raw hamburger
_____ can cause spontaneous abortion or stillbirth because the bacteria cross the placenta and infect the fetus.
The FIGHT BAC! food safety program includes the following tips for keeping food safe from bacteria:
clean, separate, chill, cook
Which of the following statements is not true about "Danger Zone"?
It includes the temperature range from 65 degrees to 165 degrees.
Experts speculate that about 70% of foodborne illness cases go undiagnosed because they result from ___ causes
To avoid salmonella contamination
store chciken at 40 degrees or below
Most strains of E. coli are
All of the following are potential risks of pesticides except
increased food costs
Which of the following agencies enforces wholesomeness and quality standards for meat?
Which of the following agencies regulates pesticides?
Environmental Protection Agency
To reduce exposure to pesticides,
wash and/or peel fruits and vegetables before eating
When it comes to caffeine, all of the following are true except
heavy consumption leads to depression, decreased heart rate, and decreased mental alertness.
The Delaney Cause
prevents the intentional use as food additives of compounds shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals or humans
You can usually tell from a food's taste, odor, or appearance if that food poses a risk for fooborne illness
Synthetic chemicals are more harmful to health than those that occur naturally
Exposure to oxygen can cause some foods to spoil