Soc test 3

Nuclear Family
Sociologically, what is the immediate family of husband, wife, and children called who live apart from other kin?
In some tribal societies it is highly encouraged for the son or daughter of one tribe to marry the son or daughter of a neighboring or rival tribe to build camaraderie and form an alliance. This pattern of marital behavior is called
In the United States and many other parts of the world, the common practice is for whites to marry whites, African Americans to marry African Americans, and members of specific social classes to marry within their class. This practice is called
Gendered Division
When husbands remain primarily responsible for earning the income and wives are primarily responsible for the house and children. This is an arrangement sociologist's call
How has the rate of cohabitation changed over the past 30 years?
In Bongo Bongo, male members of the tribe may each legally have three wives. This is a family relationship defined as
Age, Education, Race, Class, religion
In the United States, what is the choice of a marriage partner most dependent upon?
Who were the two Americans who proposed universal schooling as a means to create a uniform national culture?
Who was the educator from Massachusetts, who, in 1837, proposed the "common schools" to be supported through tax dollars and established throughout the state?
Government Control
What is the most popular way to accomplish gatekeeping?
Promotes social, Inequality, Discrimination by I.Q., unequal funding of schools, family backrounds.
What do conflict theorists believe is the purpose of the hidden curriculum?
Social promotion
Renee has difficulty in reading and writing. However, despite her problem with reading and writing, she has been passed into the next grade. This is an example o
How what schools teach corresponds to the characteristics of society
What is the correspondence principle?
local property tax
How are public schools primarily funded?
Family background
The most significant predictor of whether or a student will attend college is his/her
Functionalist Perspective
Which sociological perspective is aligned with the belief that religion attaches meaning to our lives, provides emotional comfort during times of sorrow, creates a sense of solidarity with others and provides guidelines with which to direct our lives?
ustification for persecution, War/Terrorism
What are two dysfunctions of religion addressed in the textbook?
Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe in one God who, as creator of the universe is concerned about our actions and will hold us accountable for them. In this sense, Jews, Christians, and Muslims all share the same
A new or different religion at odds w/ dominant culture/religion
Sociologically, how would a cult be defined?
Roman Catholic
With 54 million members, which Christian denomination has the highest membership in the United States?
Secularization of religion
At one time, Methodists prohibited members from playing cards, dancing, and going to movies. Since then, these prohibitions have been dismantled. What is this shifting of focus from spiritual matters to worldly matters called?
Someone with an outstanding gift or exceptional quality that draws others to them and their message is said to possess
Which society would be home to a medical expert known as a shaman?
symbolic interactionist
The definition of health and illness varies from culture to culture and group to group. This variance in definition is most aligned with which sociological perspective
controls the education and licensing of physicians in the United States.
The sick role
What was the contribution Talcott Parsons made as a sociologist to the understanding of health and medicine?
defensive medicine
According to your text, how have physicians responded to malpractice suits to protect themselves from patients?
When Anthony visited a specialist, the doctor briefly listened to Anthony's symptoms, then spoke to the physician assistant in the room as though Anthony wasn't even there. The specialist then exited the room, leaving a prescription for Anthony at the reception's desk along with a bill for $135. Such an occurrence illustrates the_________ of medicine
In which two countries is euthanasia legal?
Matt is a weekend marijuana user. Susie smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, Jackie uses heroin a couple of times a week, while Ryan is drunk a few nights a week. Research shows which one of these young people is using the most lethal recreational drug?
In what year did death from AIDS peak in the United States?
Collective Behavior
Actions performed by a group of people who bypass the usual norms governing their behavior and do something unusual are referred to as
Circular reaction
The term Robert Park used to explain the back and forth communication between members of a crowd during unrest was
Social Movement
In an acting crowd, a sense of excitement that is passed from one person to another is called
Frustration and anger
What does research show as the most common background condition of urban riots?
social consumption
During a riot, what term applies to participants who feel neither rage at their situation in life nor outrage when the precipitation event occurs,, but see it as a change to participate in an exciting even and loot stores?
moral panics
When large numbers of people become intensely concerned, even fearful, about some behavior and their fear is out of proportion to any supposed danger it is referred to as a
a fad will come and go, a fashion lasts forever
What is the major difference between fad and fashion?
relative deprivation
When people join social movements based on their evaluations of what they think they should have compared with what others have, they are employing which of the following theories to explain the movement?
Resource mobilization
A crucial factor that enables social movements to make it past the initial unrest and agitation stage is