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  1. Comedy of Idea
  2. Catharsis
  3. Royalty
  4. Reversal
  5. Dramatists Guild
  1. a occurs when a line of action veers around suddenly to it opposite
  2. b established in 1920, organization to safe guard writers' interest, offers standard contract for commercial purposes
  3. c a fee for each performance granted by French National Assembly in 1791
  4. d organized around thought
  5. e emotional release, related to tragedy

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  1. an event that sets off the major conflict
  2. follows the attempts of lovers to get together
  3. Improvisational comedy that originated in Italy sometime before 1568
  4. exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action
  5. occurs when something important is found, learned, or realized

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  1. Subplotorganization of action


  2. Falling Actiondrop in emotional intensity following the climax


  3. verisimilitudea neoclassical concept that established theatrical events should be reality-based


  4. SpectacleIn England, the stage and arena where Shakespeare put on his shows


  5. Comedyobjective viewpoint, lower stakes, reinforcement of social norms, humorous


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