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  1. Slapstick
  2. Dramatists Guild
  3. Copyright
  4. Different types of Comedy
  5. Spectacle
  1. a established in 1920, organization to safe guard writers' interest, offers standard contract for commercial purposes
  2. b Situation, Character, Idea, Manners, Romantic
  3. c requires permission of playwright for anything concerning performance or publication
  4. d the things we see
  5. e physical humor

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  1. Tragedy, Comedy, Tragicomedy, Melodrama
  2. 2 or more opposing forces working for different goals
  3. focus on what happens, plot driven, (victim tied to train tracks)
  4. objective viewpoint, lower stakes, reinforcement of social norms, humorous
  5. Improvisational comedy that originated in Italy sometime before 1568

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  1. Reversalpoetry, for many centuries state dialogue was written in this


  2. University Witsemotional release, related to tragedy


  3. Subplotsecondary lines of action that are entwined with the main story


  4. Linear Plotevents process foward in time


  5. Musicpoetry, for many centuries state dialogue was written in this