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  1. Discovery
  2. Casual Play Structure
  3. Commedia Dell' Arte
  4. Protagonist
  5. neoclassic goals
  1. a Improvisational comedy that originated in Italy sometime before 1568
  2. b reality, morality, universality, defines versimilitude
  3. c exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action
  4. d central character
  5. e occurs when something important is found, learned, or realized

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  1. started in Italy, time of the arts
  2. info that is necessary to understand the play
  3. emotional release, related to tragedy
  4. 2 or more opposing forces working for different goals
  5. established in 1920, organization to safe guard writers' interest, offers standard contract for commercial purposes

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  1. Printing Presssmall units of action that build in emotional intensity


  2. Royaltyobjective viewpoint, lower stakes, reinforcement of social norms, humorous


  3. Proseplain writing, no rhymed or structure, inartistic


  4. Musicmusical score


  5. Reversaloccurs when a line of action veers around suddenly to it opposite