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  1. Plot
  2. Playwright
  3. Protagonist
  4. perspective scenery
  5. Slapstick
  1. a organization of action
  2. b physical humor
  3. c the italian contribution to theatre during Renaissance
  4. d central character
  5. e the author, or crafter, of the play

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  1. works spoked by the characters in a play
  2. Written descriptions of physical or emotional action or physical appearance
  3. play writing based on interpretation of classical greek
  4. the invention that helped with the production of plays
  5. a fee for each performance granted by French National Assembly in 1791

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  1. Situation ComedyFarce, based on humorous qualities of the situation in which the characters find themselves


  2. verisimilitudea neoclassical concept that established theatrical events should be reality-based


  3. Casual Play Structureexposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action


  4. Spectaclethe things we see


  5. Subplotsecondary lines of action that are entwined with the main story