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  1. Plot
  2. Thought
  3. verisimilitude
  4. Character
  5. Falling Action
  1. a ideas found in a play
  2. b a neoclassical concept that established theatrical events should be reality-based
  3. c Fictional person who performs the action of the play
  4. d drop in emotional intensity following the climax
  5. e organization of action

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  1. info that is necessary to understand the play
  2. organized around thought
  3. works spoked by the characters in a play
  4. Play where comic and tragic are equially mixed, serious actions, but happy ending
  5. Written descriptions of physical or emotional action or physical appearance

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  1. Printing PressTragedy, Comedy, Tragicomedy, Melodrama


  2. Tragedyobjective viewpoint, lower stakes, reinforcement of social norms, humorous


  3. Copyrightthe author, or crafter, of the play


  4. Antagonistwho or what oppose the central characters


  5. perspective scenerythe things we see