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  1. Slapstick
  2. Stage Directions
  3. The Globe
  4. Conflict
  5. Public Domain
  1. a physical humor
  2. b 2 or more opposing forces working for different goals
  3. c plays no longer protected by copywright
  4. d In England, the stage and arena where Shakespeare put on his shows
  5. e Written descriptions of physical or emotional action or physical appearance

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  1. Farce, based on humorous qualities of the situation in which the characters find themselves
  2. reality, morality, universality, defines versimilitude
  3. started in Italy, time of the arts
  4. musical score
  5. explores the behavior of social expectations and oddities

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  1. Rising Actiondrop in emotional intensity following the climax


  2. Comedya fee for each performance granted by French National Assembly in 1791


  3. Lazzimusical score


  4. Expositionphysical humor


  5. Poetic JusticeA device typical of the end of melodrama, Good is rewarded evil is punished