37 terms

Exam 2

1. Which of the following is not included in the North Africa/Southwest Asia realm?
2. The three largest countries in population size in the North Africa/Southwest Asia realm are:
Egypt, Iran, Turkey
3. _____ is the name for the land between the rivers.
4. Which area was least influenced by the spread of Islam?
5. What is the difference between expansion diffusion and relocation diffusion?
In the case of expansion diffusion, a phenomenon originates in an area, remains strong there, and spreads outward; in relocation diffusion, the phenomenon is carried by migrants to a distant location and diffuses from there.
6. Shi'ite Muslims constitute the great majority of the population of:
7. About 85 percent of Muslims consider themselves:
8. The dominant form of Islam in Saudi Arabia is:
9. The empire that ruled over much of Southwest Asia prior to World War I was the:
10. Which of the following countries is not a major oil producer?
11. The North Africa/Southwest Asia realm contains about __________ percent of the world's oil reserves.
12. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Egypt's largest city, Cairo, is located on the shore of Lake Nasser in Upper Egypt.
13. The city of __________ is located at the confluence of the White Nile and Blue Nile, and serves as the capital of __________.
14. The Aswan High Dam is located on the:
Nile River
15. Egypt's peasant farmers are known as the:
16. The upstream country that could control the flow of the Nile River into Egypt is:
17. Which of the following is not located within the Maghreb region?
the Mecca area of the Arabian Peninsula
18. The western North African countries of Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco are collectively called:
the Maghreb
19. Which of the following oil producers does not border the Persian Gulf?
20. The major mountain range in North Africa is the:
Atlas Mountains
21. The North African exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla are associated with which country?
22. This country is the smallest in North Africa, but has the highest GNI per capita in North Africa.
23. Which of the following rivers flows through Iraq?
24. In Iraq, the Shi'ite population is concentrated in:
the southeast
25. Iraq's oil cities of Kirkuk and Mosul are located within the area of _____ population.
26. The Syrians have lost which piece of territory to the Israelis?
27. Jordan has absorbed large numbers of:
28. The modern state of Israel was created in:
29. Israel regards which city as its capital?
30. Which of the following countries does not share a common border with Israel?
31. The largest oil reserves in the realm are located in:
Saudi Arabia
32. Which of the following countries is not located on the Arabian Peninsula?
33. The Rub al Khali (Empty Quarter) lies near the border between Saudi Arabia and:
34. The country that controls the Musandam Peninsula that protrudes into the Persian Gulf is:
35. The choke point known as the ____________ lies between Yemen and Djibouti.
Bab el Mandeb Strait
36. The body of water devastated by Soviet irrigation schemes is the:
Aral Sea
37. The most important ethnic group in Afghanistan is the:
Pushtuns (Pathans)