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3 Pilates Principles
Whole body health
whole body commitment
Evolved movement principles
Concentration, center, control, precision, flow(fluidity), rhythm
What diseases did joe have
Asthma, rickets, rheumatic fever
Goals and benefits of pilates
coordination, strength, stamina, mobility, efficient flowing movement, mental and spiritual rejuvenation, self awareness and self confidence, restoration of natural animal movement, increased vitality
Polestar Pilates
Polestar's Mission: Polestar is an international community of research-oriented movement science professionals, transferring knowledge to our clients to improve health and well-being through the application of Pilates and various methodologies of movement science

Polestar's Vision: To impact the world through intelligent movement, fostering awareness of self and community.
Polestar's principles of movement(6)
Axial elongation and core control
Spine articulation
Organization of head, neck, and shoulders
Weight-bearing and Alignment of the extremities
Movement integration
Exercise order
1. Supine lower extremity integration
2. Supine Upper extremity integration
3. Upper extremity weight bearing
4. Spine extension
5. Seater upper and lower extremity integration
6. Full body integration
Supine contraindications
Mid-late stage pregnancy
Acute disc-herniation
Flexion contraindications
Disc herniation
Mid-late stage pregnancy
Extension precautions
Facet joint syndrome
Lateral flexion precautions
Stenosis, facet joint syndrome, osteporosis
LE precautions
-Pelvic instability(SI dysfunction, pubic symphysis separation)
-osteitis pubis
-total hip jt replacement
-trochanteric bursitis
UE precautions
Thoracic outlet syndromes
Shoulder impingement
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Inversion precautions
Gastric Reflux
Miscellaneous Pathologies and Their Precautions
OA: Mainly affects weight bearing joints of the body. More common in older and overweight.

RA: may have to avoid UE weight bearing

Adverse Neural Tension: Example sciatic NN; avoid combination movements of spinal flexion, hip flexion, knee extension with dorsiflexion:

Neurological: avoid fatigue and over heating. (MS, Parkinsons's etc.)