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  1. representative government
  2. manorial rights
  3. checks and balances
  4. sovereignty
  5. family monarchy
  1. a A system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches
  2. b The idea that the father was the head of the household and ruled with absolute authority.
  3. c Power is held by the people and exercised through representatives elected by the people.
  4. d Privileges of lordship.
  5. e the power to govern

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  1. an economic system in which the government or workers' councils manages the economy
  2. The period 1793-1794 in revolutionary France when suspected traitors were beheaded in great numbers
  3. Emphasizes freedom, democracy, and the importance of the individual.
  4. a reaction to the Reign of Terror where middle class professionals reasserted their authority
  5. a phase when the fall of the French monarchy marked a rapid radicalization of the Revolution

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  1. GirondistsRadical republicans during the French Revolution.


  2. liberty and equalityTwo ideas that fueled revolution in America and Europe. It was a call for individual human rights


  3. estatesanother term for "classes" of people


  4. the Mountainthe power to govern


  5. JacobinsRadical republicans during the French Revolution.