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How did ancient Athens & ancient Rome empower citizens?
Athens & Rome empowered citizens by voting in a Direct Democracy & a Republic.
What were some economic grievances of the English people toward their kings?
Raised taxes / Taxes need permission from ppl. / only elected ppl can tax
What were some martial grievances of the English people toward their kings?
quartering soldiers / martial law / no standing armies / no armies near city / bear arms
What were some civil & judicial grievances of the English people toward their kings?
jailed w/o charges / long trials / trial by jury / take property as punishment/ cruel & unusual punishment
How was the Glorious Revolution similar to an election?
People chose a new leader w/o violence.
How does Thomas Hobbes explain the social contract?
Gov & ppl work together.
How does John Locke explain the social contract?
The people can rule themselves without a monarch.
According to John Locke, what is the connection between Apathy & Tyranny?
If the people are apathetic (not involved), the gov becomes unfair.
According to Montesquieu, what is the only role of the Gov?
The purpose of gov is to protect ppl's rights & property
Checks & Balances was suggested by ____ in the book ____.
Montesquieu / Spirit of the Laws
Explain the relationship between separation of powers & checks & balances?
Separation of powers allows checks & balances.
According to John Locke, what rights must be protected?
life, liberty, property (natural rights)
How did documents like Magna Carta, Petition of Right, English Bill of Rights empower citizens?
They limited the power of a king with a Constitutional Monarchy.
King John
Forced to change England from monarchy to constitutional monarchy
As England shifted to a Constitutional Monarchy, the elected leaders gained more power than the king, but John Locke gave which warning about "a government of the many"?
Tyrants can be one person like a king or a group of people like a Congress.