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American Literature: Unit 1 ~ America For Me


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Henry Van Dyke
"America for Me"

Presbyterian minister, writer, Princeton professor, and diplomat; wrote this poem while wanting to go home after serving as a minister to Luxembourg and the Netherlands
Henry Holcomb Bennett
"The Flag Goes By"
Stephen Vincent Benet
"A Creed for Americans"
"American Names"

American poet and short story writer; best work: "John Brown's Body" which describes the Civil War; very concerned about Fascism - why he wrote the first poem
Hector St. John de Crevecoeur
"What is an American?"

Frenchman who settled in NY; best known work: Letters from an American Farmer; wrote this work to encourage immigration
Robert P. Tristram Coffin
"America Was Schoolmasters"

known for his poetry, novels, and essays; won Pulitzer Prize; voice of Puritan New England
the correspondence of sounds
the regular recurrence of sounds
end rhyme
the repetition of the accented or stressed vowel sound and all succeeding sounds in words which come at the ends of lines of poetry
a type of approximate rhyme in which initial consonant sounds are the same
the repetition of final consonant sounds
the repetition of vowel sounds
using words which sound like what they mean
Elizabeth Scott Stam
"A Jingle of Words"

missionary to China with husband
Daniel Webster
"Liberty and Union"

Christian statesman and orator from New England
James Russell Lowell
"The Nation and the Gospel"

nineteenth century Romantic poet, essayist, and literary critic; famous piece: A Fable for Critics