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False. You need the last TWO.
T/F: When asking for menstrual history, you only need to know the date of her last period to ascertain regularity and possible pregnancy.
Number of pregnancies
What is "Gravity" in terms of gynecological history?
Number of deliveries.
What is "Parity" in terms of gynecological history?
A score that looks at heart rate, respiratory effort, muscle tone, reflex irritability, and color.

10 is best, <4 is in some distress
What is APGAR?
Typically 6 months down the line it is no longer "normal".
When would we want to refer a women after pregnancy who is still experiencing baby blues and other complications?
False. Its not normal.
T/F: Fowl discharge of the vagina can be normal.
An abnormal red/bloody vaginal discharge is typically caused by.....
An abnormal yellow vaginal discharge is typically caused by....
Low back and buttocks with radiation into legs
Pathologies of the cervix, urethra, bladder neck, and low rectum will typically refer to what areas?
Suprapubic region and into medial thigh
Pathologies of the ovaries and fallopian tubes refer to what areas?
Lower abdomen
Pathologies of the uterus and vagina refer to what?
Fibroid Tumors
some Cancers
Give 4 female common conditions that refer to the low back.
Protrusion, dragging sensation, pressure, bearing down discomfort, sense of insecurity
What are some abnormal symptoms of genital relaxation?