Dental Assistant Ch. 9

the ball joint portion of the lower jaw. (TMJ)
the posterior part of the mandible that is more or less vertical
Coronoid process
a thin, triangular eminence
Mandibular notch
groove between the condyle and the coronoid process. It allows the passage of the masseteric nerve (a branch of the mandibular nerve
Angle of the mandible
The lower posterior of the ramus.
Alveolar process
The portion of jaw that the roots of the teeth are embedded. Bone that holds tooth in socket.
Mental foramen
two small openings near the front of the mandible for the passage of the mental nerve/ blood vessels. (shot will numb lip)
Body of the mandibler
The horizontal portion of the lower jaw.
Mandibular foramen
An opening on the internal surface of the ramus where the inferior alveolar nerve and inferior alveolar artery enter.
Inferior alveolar nerve
enters mandibular canal; is the 3rd branch (V3) of the trigeminal nerve; exits mental foramen. (shot will numb lip)
Retromolar area
The space behind last molar on the mandible
Greater palatine foramen
openings in the palatine bone, palatine nerve and vessels pass
Incisive foramen
opening in the midline bone of the oral hard palate where blood vessels and nerves may pass.