Safety test (Foods)

Do not touch ----------------- or electrical appliances with wet hands
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If a person is choking, encourage them to keepcoughingIf a deep cut happens cover with a ----------, absorbent cloth and apply direct pressure. Hold injured body part above the heart if possiblecleanIf someone falls do not -------- them. Raise the injured area and apply ice, if possiblemoveMinor burns should be held under------- water to prevent swelling and reduce paincoldIf any injury occurs, tell theteacherRaw meat, poultry seafood, and eggs can still spread ----------- to ready to eat foods even if washed prior to cookingbacteriaIt is not safe to ---------- foods at room tempthawBagged produce marked as pre-washed should still be throughly ---------- before eatingwashedRaw meat, poultry, seafood and eggs can cross-contaminate foods in the refridgerator, shopping cart, shopping bag, on a utensil or on thekitchen counter---------- are not to be touched while preparing food. They are not allowed in kitchensCell phones.