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1 oz of whiskey, 5 oz of wine, and 12 oz of beer
is about the same
Your NC driver's license will always expire on
your birthday in the year shown on your driver's license
Which of the following is true of tractor trailers
they often appear to travel slower because of their large size
During winter months it could be dangerous to keep the heat on in a parked car due to
carbon monoxide
Yield means to
Give the right of way to pedestrians and vehicles
When should you use your horn?
When passing another car on a two-lane road with limited space for cars to meet.
Parking on the roadside of another parked vehicle (double parking):
Is not allowed.
Which sign tells you that there is an undivided roadway with two-way traffic ahead?
divided roadway ends (google images)
In your lifetime, the chances of being seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash is:
One in three (33 percent).
Taking a short walk or stretching will help increase the blood flow and help keep you awake.
Take a break every two hours or every 100 miles
To avoid glare from headlights of an approaching car at night:
B. Look briefly to the right side of the road.
When an approaching vehicle does not dim its headlights
you can remind the driver by blinking your high beams once.
Which of these vehicles must always stop before crossing railroad tracks?
A truck with hazardous load. school buses, motor vehicles carrying passengers for hire or vehicles transporting explosives or hazardous materials.
If a speed limit is not posted before a curve:
B. You must judge how sharp the curve is and change your speed accordingly.
55 mph
Even with ideal conditions, your vehicle requires approximately 211 feet to stop completely.
The law requires use of headlights from sunset to sunrise and when visibility is 400 feet or less. You are also required to use headlights whenever you are using windshield wipers due to inclement weather.
All vehicles, regardless of direction of travel, must yield right of way to an approaching emergency vehicle. This does not apply to vehicles traveling in the opposite direction of the emergency vehicle when traveling on a four-lane limited-access highway with a center median.
The flashing red signal has the same meaning as the stop sign: stop and do not proceed to move until you can enter the intersection without interfering with approaching traffic.
Know signs by their shapes. The five-sided shape is used for:
Five-sided signs mean you are near a school. Stop if children are in the crosswalk.
4 way sign ggl imgs
When you see the 4-way or all-way sign all approaching traffic to this intersection must stop.
The driver in front of you signals (left arm extended, with elbow bent upward, at about a 90-degree angle):
That he plans to turn right.
Right turn - left arm extended, with elbow bent upward, at about a 90-degree angle. Remember that many farm machinery operators use hand signals to warn other drivers when they are turning or stopping.
Regulatory are also
red and white
The law requires drivers to use the horn whenever a pedestrian may be affected by a turn, stop or start from a parked position.

When passing another vehicle, blow the horn to signal the driver ahead. The horn signal places the driver of the vehicle you are passing under a legal obligation to help you pass. (Handbook, chapter 4)

Do not use your horn:
Close to bicyclists, unless to avoid an accident.
When passing a horse-drawn vehicle or horseback rider.
If gates rise at a railway crossing, but the red light is still flashing, you should:
stop and wait
A pair of double solid yellow lines:
May not be crossed.
When stopped by a law enforcement officer:
B. Activate the vehicle's hazard lights or emergency flashers.
A conviction of failure to yield right of way to a bicycle will result in the following number of points on your driving record: motor scooter or motorcycle.
Slow-moving vehicles have an orange/red triangle on the back.
If the speed limit is 45 mph signal you're turning for about
200 feet
If you turn into a road where road reflectors shine red in your headlights, the reflectors tell you:
You are going the wrong way, against traffic.
If you are going the wrong way at night, the road reflectors will shine red in your headlights.
White and yellow pavement markers are reflective devices used in the pavement to improve the visibility of marking lines at night when the road is wet. Red markers indicate wrong-way movements for motorists.
Unless posted otherwise, the speed limit on North Carolina highways outside cities and towns is:
55 mph.
The process of stopping your car has three main components: perception, reaction and braking. This is usually referred to as stopping distance. The first two components can be affected by human factors such as tiredness, alcohol, fatigue and concentration levels. The last component depends on factors such as: tires, brakes, road, and weather conditions.
When passing another vehicle, you must:
Signal the intent to pass with your turn signal.
You meet a school bus on an undivided roadway with two lanes. The bus is displaying alternately flashing red lights. What should you do?
Always stop.
When a school bus displays its mechanical stop signal or flashing red lights to receive or discharge passengers, you must stop and not attempt to pass the school bus until the mechanical stop signal is withdrawn, the flashing red lights are turned off and the bus has started to move. On a two-lane roadway all traffic from both directions must stop.
When driving on a multi-lane highway, which of the following is not true:
You should always use the left lane if you are driving slower than other traffic.
When you are moving slower than the posted speed limit on a multi-lane highway, drive in the extreme right lane unless you are passing, turning left or avoiding an obstruction. Do not use the middle or left-hand lane.
When you park on a hill headed downhill and there is no curb, you should turn your front wheels:
Pointing to the side of the road.
No passing zone sign
The pennant shape is used for advance warning of No Passing Zones.
Why should you not use your high beam headlights when driving in fog?
The light from your own headlights will reflect back in your eyes.
High headlight beams reflect off rain, fog and falling snow. This makes it even harder for you to see where you are going. For better visibility during these weather conditions, use your low beams.
Carbon monoxide is an invisible gas that has no smell, taste or color but is poisonous, even deadly.

Do not leave your car running in a closed garage and be careful during winter months. Snow can block a car's exhaust pipe, and warming up a car can cause carbon monoxide to back up into the car.
Reduce your speed on wet roads and increase your following distance.
Which sign tells you that you must turn left or right on the road ahead?
T-intersection. You must turn either left or right at the T-intersection ahead.
All North Carolina motorists are required to use headlights whenever they are using windshield wipers due to inclement weather.
Every owner of a motor vehicle must maintain financial responsibility (liability coverage). The minimum amount your insurance must cover for property damage is:
The minimum amount of liability insurance required is:
$30,000 for injuries to any one person in a crash.
$60,000 for all personal injuries in a crash.
$25,000 for all property damage in a crash.
If you run off the pavement, you should not:
Do not immediately apply the brakes or try to turn back. You could skid, lose control or overturn.

Slowly remove your foot from the accelerator and steer straight ahead. Allow the engine to slow the vehicle. When the vehicle is stopped or nearly stopped, check for approaching traffic and if it's safe, gradually drive back onto the road.
What should you do if you approach a fire scene and there is an unprotected fire hose on the road?
Never drive a motor vehicle over a fire hose unless authorized to do so by a police officer or fire department official.
Stop or drive around the hose.
Circular (round) signs mean you are approaching a railroad crossing.
If you need to use arm signals, how would you signal a slowdown and stop?
Extend left arm downward, with palm of hand to the rear.
Car tires are worn-out and unsafe if the remaining tread depth is:
1/32 of an inch.
Tires are considered unsafe if they are cut, cracked or worn so as to expose the tire cord, or when they have visible tread separation, chunking or less than 1/16-inch-tread depth (1/32 of an inch is less).
If you are convicted of not carrying liability insurance, it will result in the following points on your driving record:
Three points.
When a traffic signal is showing a flashing red light, you must:
Stop completely, only proceed when you can do so safely.
This sign (yellow X) tells you that:
You should prepare to change lane.
Lane-use control signals are special overhead signals that indicate whether a motorist should or should not drive in a specific lane. If a red X appears above a lane, a driver should not drive in that lane. A steady yellow X means that a driver should prepare to vacate, in a safe manner
When you park on a hill headed uphill and there is no curb, you should turn your front wheels:
Pointing to the side of the road.
Headed either uphill or downhill and there is no curb, turn the wheels so the car will roll away from the center of the road if the brakes fail.
All vehicles in the traffic circle travel in one direction (counterclockwise).
When driving at night, which of the following is a requirement?
Making sure you can stop within the distance lighted by your headlights.
At night, never drive at a speed at which you cannot stop within the distance you can see on the road ahead.
This sign added to a stop sign means:
When you see the 4-way or all-way sign all approaching traffic to this intersection must stop.
Never back a vehicle in any travel lane. It is illegal and unsafe to do so. If a turn or exit is missed, do not back up, instead proceed to a safe turn around area.
Which sign tells you that traffic coming from the right must merge into the existing right hand traffic lane?
Merging Traffic sign. This sign is posted where two lanes come together to form one lane.
What is true about tailgating (following another vehicle too closely)?
It is the cause of most rear end accidents.
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