30 terms

Schaum's Ch. 5 Reflexive verbs

to amuse oneself
to stop onself
se blesser
to hurt oneself
se brosser
to brush oneself
se coucher
to go to bed
se débrouiller
to get along, to manage, to handle a situation
se demander
to wonder
se dépêcher
to hurry
se déshabiller
to get undressed
se fâcher
to become angry
to get dressed
s'intéresser à
to be interested in
se laver
to wash
se maquiller
to put on makeup
se marier
to get married
se moquer de
to make fun of,
s'occuper de
to be busy with, to take care of
se passer
to happen
se passer de
to do without
se peigner
to comb (one's hair)
se porter
to feel
se presser
to hurry
se raser
ro shave
se rencontrer
to meet each other
to rest
se retrouver
to meet each other
se reposer
to rest
se réveiller
to wake up
se tromper
to be mistaken
se trouver
to be located, to be found