Exam 3 (part 1: chapter 13-15)

James Henslin 11E
Are the terms "life span" and "life expectancy" interchangeable?
Although more people are living to old age, has the life span increased?
Citizens of what country have the longest life expectancy of any industrialized nation?
As people grow old, is it universally accepted that they develop more subtle ways of viewing right and wrong and tolerate greater ambiguity?
What determines the size of a "baby boom" or a "baby bust?"
Age cohort
Because of the high costs of Medicare and Social Security, are programs that benefit children under-funded?
What three factors account for the long life expectancy of the Abkhasians, the people living in the former Soviet republic of Georgia?
Diet, Physical activity, and Highly developed sense of community
What is the current median age of the United States population?
Which of these countries would have the shortest life expectancy: South Korea, Afghanistan, South Africa, or Zimbabwe?
The life span for humans is recorded as what (based on the well-documented records of a French woman who died in 1977)?
at least 122
What term refers to prejudice, discrimination, and hostility directed against people because of their age? Which physician coined this term?
Ageism and Robert Butler
With respect to contemporary China, describe its policy toward the elderly.
To sign support agreements for their aged parents (to get a marriage license, a couple must sign a contract pledging to support their parents after they reach age 60)
Who proposed the Social Security plan that was finally adopted by Congress in 1934?
President Roosevelt
How does a Ponzi scheme work?
It works as long as it recruits enough new people (early investors are paid by later investors. Eventually the scam runs out of money and collapses. If you join early early enough, you'll collect more than you paid in—but if you join toward the end you are out of luck.)
What term refers to the maximum length of life that is possible for a species?
Life span
Based on the Statistical Abstracts, a person who is of what race and gender is most likely to be poor?
African American women
Did the passing of power from heads of families and clans to the ruling elite take place as agricultural societies replaced horticultural and pastoral societies?
Do currency and deposit receipts represent stored value, meaning that there are goods stored and held in reserve to back up and provide value for it?
What is a monopoly?
A single company controlling an entire industry (Budweiser)
What is convergence theory?
Capitalist and socialist economic systems adopt features of the other
What is the difference between mechanical and organic solidarity?
mechanical solidarity: people performing the same or similar tasks organic solidarity: people depend on others to fulfill their jobs
Is the largest source of illegal, or unreported, income in the United States most likely the cash wages paid to illegal immigrant laborers?
The eagerness to show wealth by the purchase and visible ownership of goods is called what?
Conspicuous consumption
What industrial giant was responsible for the federal government passing antimonopoly legislation?
Standard Oil
What is the primary criticism leveled against capitalism?
It leads into social inequality
What theory is based on the idea that the two economic systems - capitalism and socialism - will eventually adopt features of one another until there is a hybrid economic system in all societies?
Convergence theory
In the globalization of capitalism, what is the dominant European nation?
What did the early development of surplus and trade foster?
Social inequality
The largest single source of income that qualifies as being a part of the U.S. underground economy is most likely what?
Drug dealing
The society with the most leisure time spread rather consistently throughout the year is what society?
Hunting and gathering society
In what nation do workers have the most leisure time, averaging a 35-hour work week?
When global trade opens markets that were previously closed to manufacturers around the world, what group usually suffers the most?
The workers
Are bureaucratic authority and charismatic authority identical forms of power?
When did the present U.S. political system that is dominated by the Democrats and Republicans emerge?
By the time of the Civil War
Are the Democrats and Republicans classified as noncentrist parties because their political views diametrically oppose each other?
A political gender gap is developing in presidential polls with women being likely to support what type of candidate ? What type of candidate are men likely to support?
Women: Democrat Men: Republican
Are political action committees a threat to American democracy because they have the capability of influencing elected officials more than the voters who placed them in office?
Was the purpose of the G7 alliance formed after World War II first and foremost to ensure peace in the Western world?
What is another term for power relations wherever they exist?
What is armed resistance with the intention of overthrowing a government called?
What is another name for rational-legal authority?
Bureaucratic authority
What is the specific gift the U.S. gave to the world that addressed a person's rights based by birth and residence?
Universal citizenship
What is a system of government in which decision-making is vested in a small group of people?
What do Ross Perot and Theodore Roosevelt have in common?
They both done well at the polls
People who influence legislation on behalf of their clients are referred to as what?
The process of reducing people to objects that do not deserve to be treated as humans is known as what?
Which nation is the greatest exporter of high-tech weapons and military hardware worldwide?
United States
Currently eight nations compose a summit of the most powerful nations in the world, known as the G8. What was the last nation to be admitted to this group? What nation wants to be added to it, forming the G9?
Russia and China