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  1. condensation
  2. solid
  3. melting point
  4. evaporation
  5. decrease
  1. a according to Boyle's law, when the pressure of a gas increases at a constant temperature its volume will do this
  2. b an example of this is a shrinking puddle
  3. c occurs when particles in a gas lose enough thermal energy to form a liquid
  4. d the state of matter that has a definite volume and shape
  5. e the characteristic temperature at which a pure solid changes to a liquid

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  1. example of this type of solid are salt, sugar and snow, particles are arranged in a regular, repeating pattern
  2. a substance that flows
  3. a liquid becoming a gas
  4. is the same as water's freezing point
  5. the type of energy lost when a substance cools

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  1. viscositythe state of matter that has a definite volume and shape


  2. boilingthis occurs when a liquid changes to a gas below its surface as well as at the surface


  3. condensationthe opposite of vaporization


  4. liquidthe particles are packed closely together, but can move past each other freely


  5. temperaturea measure of the average energy of motion of the particles of a substance