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The Odyssey/study guide

kills (ironically) Achilles
Words written in the Golden Apple
'To the fairest'
Athena's bribe to Zeus is:
power and wisdom
Time-span for the Odyssey
20 years
Girl sacrificed by the Greeks is:
Who breaks the 'guest -host' bond and touches off the Trojan War?
Who has been faithful for 20 years of the during the Odyssey?
How many ships did the Greeks have ready to sail to Troy?
Goddess who assists Paris and the Trojans
Who refuses to judge the 'beauty contest'
assists Odysseus in the battle vs The Suitors
is the brother of Paris and Troy's greatest Warrior
is the six-headed monster
kills all of Odysseus' men after they kill/eat his cattle
is the father of The Cyclops
sing about what tempts each man
is Helen's brother-in-law, and the leader of the Greeks at Troy
Helen's biological father is:
comes up with the Trojan Horse idea
Detains Odysseus for 1 year, and turns men into swine
Hera's bribe is:
was shot in the throat while drinking wine, becoming the first suitor killed in 'Odysseus Revenge"
is God of the Winds
judges beauty contest at Zeus' suggestion
is the blind prophet Odysseus sees in the Land of the Dead
Troy is in modern-day country of
was the killer whirlpool
The Laestrygonians
were a race of Cannibals that destroyed most of Odysseus' men
The Illiad
is the poem before the Odyssey
is the home island of Odysseus
is dragged around Troy by Achilles
is the sun god who owns the special cattle
is the author of the Odyssey
is the Goddess of Discord
Saves Odysseus in the 'Cattle of the Sun God"
The Suitors
plan to kill Telemachus and marry Penelope
was the king of Troy
is an advisor to Odysseus in the Sirens, Scylla & Charybdis and more
has been running Ithaca since Odysseus left
is saved by Aphrodite in his duel with Paris
was Odysseus dog, who died shortly after seeing him again
Two ways to interpret the Odyssey
1. entertainment
2. Odysseus is 'everyman', revealing both strengths and weaknesses of being human.
Achilles plan to avoid the Trojan War, and how did it fail?
Dress like a woman to disguise himself, but then goes to look at mens items at market
How does Penelope test Odysseus at the end of the Odyssey?
Asks servant to move her bed out of her room, which Odysseus knows is not possible (built in to olive tree in room)
Name mistakes that Odysseus makes during Cyclops story
1. Doesn't listen to men in the beginning and 'just leave'
2. Calls back to Cyclops when sailing away
Steps Odysseus takes to get out of Cyclops cave
1. Called himself 'Nohbdy' (no-body)
2. Gets the Cyclops drunk
3. Blinds the Cyclops
4. Clings to sheep as they go out to pasture
Penelope's trick to keep Suitors away?
Rip out each day's weaving to prolong the day she has to choose one of the Suitors
Why did odysseus listen to the Sirens?
He wanted to be able to tell his story of living through the Sirens
What were the two parts of the oath that Helen's father made each man sign?
1. Won't get angry
2. Will help Helen if she is ever in trouble
What are the 2 lies Telemachus tells Suitors after he takes their weapons?
1. They will be ruined by the smoke fron the fire
2. If they are later drunk, they won't be able to go after each other with weapons
What choice must Agamemnon make before going to war?
Whether or not to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia
Three examples of Dramatic Irony from The Odyssey
1. In the Cyclops story, we know Nobdy is Odysseus
2. In the Suitors, we know the beggar is O
3. In 'Penelope' we know who O is
Why won't Aeolus help O a second time?
Aeolus realizes that Odysseus is cursed by the gods.
How are Cyclops considered 'lower' than men?
1. lawless
2. live on their own
3. beat wives & kids
4. ignorant
Why do the men eat the cattle when they know it will anger the gods?
They are starving
Why does Zeus finally help Odysseus after years of going against him?
1. Odysseus finally prays to the Gods
2. Zeus has developed respect for Odysseus over time
3. Zeus knows it is his fate to make it back to Ithaca