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BOD exam II

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Define the following: neoplasia, oncology, metastasis, choristoma, hamartoma, teratoma
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Neoplasia = new growth oblivious to regulatory mechanisms
Oncology = study of tumors
Metastasis = spread of neoplastic growth
Choristoma = mass of cells not belonging to the resident parenchyma
Hamartoma = mass of disorganized tissue-developmental issue
Teratoma = mixed tumor usually in the ovaries and testes
Benign neoplasms are microscopic and localized
-composed of well differentiated cells look "normal"
-can function normally
-grow slowly
Malignant neoplasms invade, metastasize, and destroy healthy tissue
-wide variety of differentiation- undifferentiated = anaplasitc
-pleomorphism = abnormal size and shape, nuclei are abnormal in size and shape