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The heart is to a pump as

Blood vessels are to pipes

Blood flow depends on:

All of the above

In the body, what are three major factors that govern resistance in blood flow?

Blood vessel radius, blood vessel length and blood viscosity

Vasoconstriction increases resistance:


A significant build-up of lipid deposits in a person's arteries will ____________ blood flow and ___________ resistance?


Poiseuille's equation states that the __________ has the strongest effect on blood flow?

Radius of the blood vessel

Which pressure setting in this PhysioEx exercise had the highest flow rate:

225 mm Hg

The graph in activity 1 demonstrates that flow and pressure

positive, linear

Consider this: Blood is flowing down an artery and that artery bifurcates (branches in two directions). The first branch maintains the same radius as the artery before the bifurcation. The second branch is composed of many smaller vessels that together, equal the total radius of the first branch. What is true about the two branches?

The second branch has more resistance than the first.

How is the graph in activity 2 different from the graph in activity 1?

increases exponentially

Blood consists of what?

all are components

In which of the following would the most resistance be observed?

Blood with a high hematocrit and in a vessel with a small radius

In activity 4, which blood vessel has the maximum flow speed?

10 mm long vessel

Diastole/Systole represent:

When ventricles are relaxed/when the atria contract

The amount of blood each ventricle pumps per minute is the:

cardiac output

Clinical hypothetical: You are an ER physician at UMC in Lubbock, TX. A patient presents with complaints of itching and headaches. The patient also has a severe bruise on their leg that may indicate a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Standard protocol dictates that you run blood tests. The test indicates an extremely high hematocrit in addition to the somatic symptoms. Based on the symptoms and what you've learned in this lab, what is a possible diagnosis.

Polycythemia vera

If an individual has a low hematocrit, his/her blood viscosity will likely be _______________


middle beaker

left side of the heart

If a patient has high blood pressure, it is a good idea to push IV fluids.


Laminar flow describes the quick, rough manner in which blood flows along the length of the vessel.


Which of the following is not an endocrine hormone?


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