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Medical Coding 1 CH 4-Notes/Intro to Surgery

The surgery section is the largest in the CPT manual (T/F)
CPT _______ contain information you will need to know in order to correctly code the section. Most of this information is not repeated elsewhere in the section.
Notes may appear where in the CPT manual?
Before subsections, subheadings, categories, and subcategories. (info in the notes are important as information contained in them is not usually available in the Guidelines-read before coding, they must be followed if coding is to be accurate)
Additional information that is enclosed in parenthesis
Parenthetical phrases-provide further information about codes that may be applicable.
Unlisted procedure codes are presented in what format in the Surgical Guidelines?
By anatomic site. If used, a special report describing the procedure must accompany the claim.
If a Category III code is available for the unlisted service, you may use the unlisted service or procedure code (T/F)
False-if a Category III code is available, this must be used not the unlisted Category I code.
Separate procedures, or descriptions followed with (separate procedure), are minor procedures only coded separately if they were performed and were not part of (or related to) a major procedure or in the same body area (T/F)
True - if they were performed with a related major procedure or in the same body area they would not be coded separately.
What are the time limits associated with the global (postoperative) surgery period
90 days for major surgery and 10 days for minor surgery. Established by 3rd party payers and may differ. If one says there is no global surgery period, services provided (example, removal of sutures) for post operative care may be billed separately.
Why would you code material and supplies in addition to regular CPT codes?
If materials and supplies (ex. Surgical tray) were used over and above those usually used in an office visit, this is coded separately. (wound repair using a surgical tray-tray is coded separately w/99070)