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CH2: Stress Mgt & Health

What is the Wellness Movement?
a balance of mind, body and spirit
Wellness Movement
relaxation response
Types of stress
1. physical
2. psychological
3. psychosocial
physical stress
stressors in the environment
pollution, noise, injury, etc.
psychological stress
relates to the way we react to threats, whether real or imagined
psychosocial stress
interpersonal relationships, conflicts, social isolation
fear of failure or anxiety in trying to prove oneself
promotes productivity and facilitates our efforts; exhilarating
Hans Selye
General Adaptation Syndrome
General Adaptation Syndrome
1. alarm reaction (fight or flight)
2. resistance to stress
3. exhaustion
alarm reaction
body releases neurotransmitters
immune system's memory of how to respond; due to repeat exposure
if stress is ongoing, body's ability to respond becomes limited
internal stressor
due to injury, wound or bacteria
Three key system response - nervous system
release of neurotransmitters
acute stress
lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours
chronic stress
lasts for several hours or a day for an extended period of time - months or years
avoiding stress makes no sense
Ace Factor
Personality differences
attend vs. disattend (ignore) symptoms
connected vs. disconnected (cut off)
express vs. repress (bottle) emotions
Major life events
everyday hassles
Job stress
1. job characteristics
2. style & type of boss
3. environment
symptoms of stress
over engagement
emotions are overreactive
urgency and hyperactivity
loss of energy
anxiety disorders
primary damages are physical
premature death
symptoms of burnout
emotions blunted
helplessness and hopelessness
loss of motivation, ideals, and hopes
detachment and depressin
primary damages are emotional
make life seem not worth living
ACE Factor
ATTENDED feedback
CONNECT the feedback to consciousness
EXPRESS the emotion appropriately
Three key system response - Immune
release of cytokines
Three key system response - endocrine
release of hormones
Relaxation Response
opposite of fight or flight response