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Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives


Truthfullness and itegrity


Reliability; trustworthiness

Willingness to Learn

Showing that you want to increase your work knowledge and skills


Being tolerant and understanding

Acceptance of Criticism

The ability to deal with dispproval or a suggestion that something can be improved


A strong feeling of excitement or interest

Self Motivation

Ability to begin or follow through with a task.


The ability to say and do things in a way that will not offend another person.


Qualifed and capable of performing a task.


Being willing to be held accountable for your actions.


Using good judgement in what you say or do.

Team Player

Working well with others


the exchange of information, thoughts, ideas, and feelings.


Spoken words and written communications.


Facial experessions, body language, and touch.


Paying attention to and making an effort to hear what the othr person is saying.

Cultural Diversity

Differences in culture


Values, beliefs, attitudes, and customs shared by a group of people and passed from one generation to the next.


consists of professionals working together for the benefit of the patient.


Ability to encourage people to work together to achieve common goals.


Person who leads or guides others or who is in charge.

Democratic Leader

Encourages the participation of all individuals in making decisions or solving problems.

Laissez Faire

Not interfering in the affairs of others.

Laissez-faire leader

Has minimal rules or regulations; allows group to function independently without direction.


Dictatorship; maintaining total rule.

Autocratic Leadership

A dictator; maintains total rule; makes all the decisions.


The reaction of a person's body to potentially threatening, challenging, or disturbing events


Cause one to change, alter behavior, or adapt to a situation.

Problem Solving Method

Steps include:
Gather information; Identify the problem; list possible solutions; make a plan; act on your solution; evaluate the results; change the solution.

Time management

Skills that allow you to use time in the best way possible.


A desired result or purpose toward which one is working.

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