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Haiti Earthquake - Case Study


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When did the earthquake occur?
Tuesday 12th January, 2010, at 16:53 local time
What tectonic plates were involved? What sort of plate margin is here?
The North American and Caribbean plates, Conservative plate margin
What did the earthquake score on the Richter scale?
Where was the epicentre?
25km away from Haiti's capital Port au Prince
How were people affected?
230,000 people were killed
300,000 people injured
1 million people homeless
How were buildings affected?
250,000 residential buildings and 30,000 commercial buildings collapsed. Landmarks such as the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly Building and the Port au Prince Cathedral collapsed
What were the short term responses?
The red cross sent a convoy of trucks to help aid the people, which included a 50 bed hospital
The UK disaster committee donated 23 million Euros
Aircraft from the USA deployed aircraft carrying rescue teams and aircraft carriers, and thousands of soldiers
What were the long term responses?
- Other countries allowed Haitian refugees to enter eg. the Dominican republic and Senegal
- The EU donated $330 million to Haiti
- Between 23 major charities, $1.1 billion was raised
- The UK government gave £20 million