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おはよう (Ohayou)

Good Morning (casual)

おはようございます (Ohayou gozaimasu)

Good Morning (polite)

こんにちは (konnichiwa)

hello / good afternoon

こんばんは (konbanwa)

good evening

はじめまして (hajimemashite)

nice to meet you

どうぞよろしく (douzoyoroshiku)

nice meeting you

どうぞよろしくおねがいします (douzoyoroshiku onegaishimasu)

nice meeting you (polite)

さようなら (sayounara)

good bye

あついですねえ (atuidesunee)

it's hot

さむいですねえ (samuidesune)

it's cold

あたたかいですねえ (atatakaidesune)

it's warm, isn't it?

すずしいですねえ (suzushiidesune)

it's cool (weather), isn't it?

むしあついですねえ (mushiatuidesune)

it's humid, isn't it?

いいてんきですねえ (iitenkidesune)

nice weather, isn't it?

あめですねえ (amedesune)

rainy today, isn't it?

きりですね (kiri desu nee)

foggy, isn't it?

そうですねえ (soudesune)

yes, it is

じゃまた (jyamata)

see you later

じゃあね (jyaane)

see you / bye

ごめんなさい (gomennasai)

I'm sorry

どうも (doumo)


ありがとう (arigatou)

thank you

どういたしまして (douitashimashite)

You're welcome.

すみません (sumimasen)

excuse me,

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