Chapter 1: Project Essentials

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product life cycleCompasses all the activities related to a product from inception unit it is divested.project life cycleEncompasses only those activities related to the project's purpose.phasesActivities that make up the project life cycle, connecting its starting point to its end point.generic project life cycle1- Starting the project 2 - Organizing the project 3 - Carrying out the project work 4 - Closing the projectsub-projectA project broken down into smaller manageable elements.programA group of related projects managaged in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually. A project may or may not be a part of a program, but a program will always include projects.portfolioA collection of projects and/or programs and other work that are grouped together to facilitate effective management of the collection. The projects and/or programs need not be interdependent.stakeholderAn individual or organization positively or negatively affected by the project. Their responsibility can change over the project life cycle.performing organizationThe entity that is performing the project work and managing the project.program managerManager of the overall program and projects.project initiatorInitially proposes the project who is outside of the project team.Project Management OfficeProvides a coordinated, specialized, and focused oversight of projects, portfolios, and programs. Provides: - Provide planning and prioritization of projects - Management training - Methodology development - Templates - Guidance to Project Managersproject sponsorThe sponsor is a member of senior management who supports the project within the performing organization and ensures adequate funding and resources are made available.project managerThe person assigned by the performing organization to achieve the project objectives.PMBOK guideThe standard for managing most projects most of the time across many types of industries.triple constraint- time - cost - scopeKill pointsThe end of phases. Also called phase exits, phase gates. Review of the deliverable and project as a whole, and this assessment may result in the project being discontinued.iterativeOne phase is planned at a given time and the planning for the next is carried out as work progresses on the current phase and deliverable.sequentialA phase can only start once the previous phase is completeoverlappingThe phase starts prior to completion of the previous team members are physically located close to one another in order to improve communications, working relations and productivity.code of conducta guide for practitioners in a profession that describes the expectations the practitions have of themselves and of others.pmisthe collection of tools methodologies, techniques, standards and resources used to manage a proejct.resultan outcome or document from performing project management processes and activities.application areaa category of projects that have common components